Friday Thoughts


I sat and watched my girls jump waves for what seemed like an eternity today. The joy in their face was contagious.

I watched them marvel as a dolphin came yards from the shore. Climbing in and out of the water way closer than a dolphin should be. A gift for my girl who had just fallen in love with Dolphin Tale.

I watched them spend an hour digging a giant hole in the sand and squeal with delight as they realized they had dug so deep they had reached water again.

I watched my son realize that he could scare (some rather aggressive) seagulls away by growling at them. And becoming quite pleased with his newfound skills.

I watched my son discover the feeling of sand between his toes (not his first time, but he must have forgotten). I watched his mind try and decide if he liked it. The jury is still out.

I think it is going to be a good vacation……

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