Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

A few things that have caught my eye around the interweb (apparently I am all about the black and white):

1. These quilted shoes from Target need to make their way into my home. A throw back to the Vans from my youth but in a classy quilted fabric. Yes please!

2. This is a TODDLER jacket from Gap. Every time I think about Silas turning up at pre-K in this I die a little. Because honestly. My little James Dean. ps. his birthday is in less than a month. Someone please buy this for him.

3. Jenny queen of all things makeup blogged about this awhile back and I am just now getting around to buying it. L’oreal Butterfly. It is a game changer ladies. My lashes have never looked so amazing.

4. I must own this shirt. That is all.

5. I am no ‘Bama fan but I do love a good houndstooth. Actually I am kind of having a love affair with anything that resembles things I wore in the 90s. I bought a pair of Old Navy pixie pants last year and they are some of my fave. Mama might need another pair……


  1. YESSSSS! The Butterfly!! My favorite ever, fer realz. I’m so glad you finally listened to me!! <3

  2. just preordered the lettuce shirt! Love, love, love it!! Thanks !

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