Friday Fails- A Unwelcome Furry Friend

chipmunk You might have noticed that I have been flirting with some other Friday carnivals. And sometimes just posting a random old post on Friday. I will still post frugal tips when I think of them, but sometimes I am just racking my brain to come up with something mediocre and I hate that. So we are aiming for one tier above mediocre from now on. And my friend Myra at My Blessed Life has a great Friday carnival so I am jumping in!!

About a year ago, the hubby was doing some laundry and something sounded amuck with the dryer. Almost like we were washing a shoe or a doll or something but we knew we weren’t. So being the manly man of the house, hubby went to investigate. Well his manly man-ness was trumped shortly after by a loud girly shriek coming form the laundry room. Sorry babe, you are all man, but that was one girly scream.

As I went to investigate, I discovered that upon opening the dryer door, a chipmunk had jumped out narrowly missing my hubby’s face and was now loose in our basement. After I stopped laughing with (at) him, I set upon helping him remove this chipmunk from the premises.

Now you should know our laundry is in our basement. One of these days when I am showing off my beautiful Frigidaire washer and dryer I will (gulp) show you a photo, but for now just picture your typical basement laundry room filled which happens to double as a place for me to store piles of future garage sale paraphernalia, outgrown baby items I can’t part with, and “project” furniture that hasn’t found a home. In other words, a haven for chipmunks to hide from people intent on ridding themselves of it.

Before you go all PETA on me, you should also know that I had seen this chipmunk up close (though not as close as my hubby) and it was all sorts of Disney cartoon cuteness. So I demanded that whatever happened, we were going to get this chipmunk out of or house one way. Alive. I am pretty confident my hubby couldn’t hurt an animal anyway.

So we, in an effort to contain the chipmunk begin chasing the little guy around the room trying to back it into a corner. This basically consisted of us running around screaming, “It’s over there!!!” and flailing our arms about. Very scientific and an approach recommended by Jack Hanna himself.

Eventually….ok 45 minutes later…..we had the little guy cornered. My brilliant hubby devised a system in which he could throw a box over the little guy, slide something under the box and then set it free in the wild. It was quite the blissful moment when he ran out into the wilderness again, only to be swooped up by a hawk. Oh I kid, we don’t have hawks in our backyard. And I am pretty sure I still see him from time to time munching something in our backyard.

Now the reason for this rodent intrusion? Apparently there was no screen on our dryer vent and curiosity steered this chipmunk wrong. We later discovered a few of his friends had not been so lucky as to escape through the dryer. May the rest in peace. And may someday the image of their discovery leave my brain.

How am I possibly going to tie this post into my new Frigidaire washer and dryer? Excellent question. So far they have been rodent free. So that is a HUGE bonus. In all honesty, I am loving them for so many more (valid) reasons and will be sharing more with you in the coming weeks. Including a vlog where you can see the scariness that is my basement laundry (huge gulp). Please tell me you won’t submit me to Hoarders.

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a Test Drive Campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Frigidaire and received a Frigidaire Washer/Dryer set to facilitate my review. This post is submitted to Friday Fails at My Blessed Life.


  1. Kelly says:

    Sort of related — I encountered a garter snake right outside our back door last night upon returning home from work. Yes, there were several girly screams. I used my son’s golf club to scare it away from the door. I was so scared he would slither into the house. Then, I would have had o call my hubby to come home from work for emergency snake removal. Thank goodness he didn’t go in. I’m sure my neighbors were watching/listening and laughing their butts off.

  2. Well, thank goodness the new ones are rodent free! Oh my! I had this great mental image of you guys trying to trap the little guy in your basement. Talk about bonding with the hubs.
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