Friday Fail- The Clean Room Fairy

Fridayfails  So earlier in the week I was reading the Family Issue of my fave magazine Real Simple and came across a fabulous piece of advice. So I tweeted it:


I failed to give credit to Real Simple. Truly, only because of the 140 character limit. But because I failed to give credit, the response was this:


Why yes I am brilliant, thank you. The kids went crazy cleaning and their rooms looked pretty good. They immediately came down asking when the fairy was coming. And asking…..and asking…. I told them repeatedly that the fun of the clean room fairy is that you never know when she is coming so you need to always keep your room clean.

My skeptical 6 year old was not buying it. Now this is the child that stopped believing in Santa Claus at 5. The one who only believes in the tooth fairy because I told her if she didn’t she wouldn’t get the money. So this, clean room fairy? She says to me, “Is this clean room fairy real? Or did you just trick us into cleaning our room?” The jig is up!!

So I go about making my family dinner and suddenly I hear Lily say, “Hannah, the clean room fairy came!!! She left us a quarter!!!!” They come running downstairs and show me their quarters. I pull Lily aside and ask her just where exactly the “Clean Room Fairy” got quarters to hand out. She smiled and said, “From daddy’s change cup.”

Well played, Lily….well played.

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  1. I know better than to be eating or drinking anything while reading your blog (as I choke on a late night bowl of cereal), but OH My Word! THAT is hilarious!

  2. that was brilliant!!!
    Michelle Jamie recently posted…Wordless WednesdayMy Profile

  3. That Lily is a keeper. :) Thanks for the morning laugh!
    Amy recently posted…Who am IMy Profile

  4. Hil-larious! DEFINITELY going to try that one! My daughter is saving her money for a special toy right now, so money is a HUGE motivator! Thanks for the laugh and the idea!
    Devion recently posted…33 week doctors appointmentMy Profile

  5. Love it! Great idea. Very funny story.
    veronica recently posted…No personal pronouns for you!My Profile

  6. Jajajajajajaj Your daughter is HIlarious!

  7. oh amanda says:

    {oh, hi Alejandro!!!}

    Hilarious, Jill! Wonder who she takes after?!

    oh amanda recently posted…How Motherhood is Like Snow WhiteMy Profile

  8. I wonder if Real Simple got the fairy idea from FlyLady?? I don’t care who it’s from, I’ll use it!

    Too cute! :)

  9. That is hilarious!! That sounds like something my 6 year old would do!
    Stephanie recently posted…“New” Coupon Policies at Stores – What You Can Do!My Profile

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