Friday Fail- Farm Fresh Fast Food

Fridayfails  We had an awesome night tonight. We piled the family in the minivan and went out to the country. To farm country. You see I had wanted to take my kids down to a farm that I had planned on ordering beef from. I had met the guy and had many discussions at the farmer’s market about how he raised his cattle, but I wanted to see the farm before I put down a chunk of change towards a split of a cow (that is how you buy cow from the farm. You order a 1/4 cow. Which is like TWO HUNDRED POUNDS of meat)

Anywho, we went to his farm and gazed lovingly at his cows grazing freely on a large plot of land. With a few horses thrown in to keep them company. It was such a stark difference from the farms we passed on the way there full of cows standing shoulder to shoulder as far as the eye could see. Ugh, it made me so sad. But “my” cows are happy cows, full of grass. And more importantly NOT full of hormones or antibiotics. So we checked out the cows and then went in, sat at his kitchen table and picked out our cuts of meat. My “cow” will arrive in about 3 weeks.

Then we drove about a half and hour away to check out our chickens. One of my hubby’s coworkers raises chickens and we had to go pick up our five. Not to raise ourselves mind you. But to consume after they were lovingly raised on the farm. Along with turkeys, pigs, sheep, goats and a few random frogs. No one is eating the frogs. My city slicker kids squealed with amusement at the animals and the hubby and I realized we should probably take them out to the country more. It was like a bad episode of “The Simple Life” without the Prada shoes and Chihuahuas.

My favorite part of the night was when we were feeding the lambs and I said to Lily, “Your favorite food is lamb!! This is where they come from.” Her eyes got big and she began to freak out. How is this news? IT IS CALLED LAMB!! Clearly, the trip to see where their food was coming from was VERY needed. Hopefully they will eat again. Well, maybe they will be vegetarians, but they will eat.

So the trip was a total success. We got healthy, grass fed meat. We met our farmers. My kids were educated. It was a “real food” masterpiece. Except……

We were running a bit behind. And so the hour I had allotted for dinner between farms turned out to be more like 15 minutes. And we were kind of out in the middle of nowhere. Cause that is where the farms are. Except when we passed by the interstate exit. Where there were fast food restaurants in abundance. So yeah. Um, we went from grass fed beef farm with happy grazing cows to evilfastfoodplacethatrhymesiwthchicklonalds to happy, raised by homeschooling 4H kids animal farm to pick up our free range chickens. But the good news is my tummy barely enjoyed those French fries. Or the Frosty we stopped for on the way home. Hey, the kids need water and we could HARDLY just ask for water……

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  1. wow that sounds like an amazing experience! How great you were able to do that! You are going to have some wonderful meat coming up! :)
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  2. Wow, so great. I would love to hear more details about the farms you were able to get these from. Do they have websites?

  3. Happy you loved the farm!!! We always loved it when the “city slickers” came to visit us!

  4. Honestly, I just can’t think about my food coming from animals. Although all this whole food, healthy food talk has made me start thinking about poor chickens. Our beef already comes from a happy, grass-fed, hormone-free cow. (Or, as I like to think of it: the freezer.)
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  5. You are too funny. I would love to do this, too, but we don’t have a freezer to store such a large amount of beef. Maybe someday. And, sometimes you just gotta do McD’s. :)

  6. Jill, I love reading your stuff, which being that I am a middle aged guy speaks volumes about your ability to write and be relevant. I also appreciate your honesty, it helps to see that my wife and I are not the only ones to have parental “oopses”. God bless!


  7. Sooo funny! Isn’t it hard, now that we know what’s good and bad for us? Sometimes we just have to do the “bad” things – like eating fast food when you’re on a road trip. But it feels so guilty now!

    By the way… you probably don’t want to know this either, but Frosty’s are about the absolute worst fast food frozen dessert you can eat. There’s something like 40 chemicals in them! My hubby loves them and always sticks his fingers in his ears when I mention this, but there’s no way I will ever eat another one!

  8. How fun, and educational! :) I’ve mentioned many times before that we have alot of deer meat on hand here… and most people really have issues with our meat supply coming from “bambi”. LOL It’s healthy and all-natural! :) And sometimes McD’s is just a necessity! hee hee
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