My baby turned four today. My. Baby. Turned. Four.

He is potty trained. Feeds himself. Moved into a booster seat and can buckle and unbuckle himself. He is in school three mornings a week, hanging up his own backpack and confidentially striding into his classroom.

I have no more diapers to change (although still a bum to wipe, he isn’t so great at that). No more mouths to spoon baby food into. And no more car seats to get kids in and out of. No more kids at home all day every day needing my constant care and attention (well except the foster baby, but she isn’t with us all the time).

My days as a baby mom are over. And although my baby will still snuggle up on my lap and cry on my shoulder, he is clearly nowhere near a baby anymore. I am okay with that on so many levels. Parenting has become easier and so many ways. And although there is a part of me that would love to keep them little forever, I get the pleasure of seeing them grow up every day into more amazing people.

I know the temptation of wishing the baby days away. I did it so many times I lost count. And I won’t deny that having the nights and days blur together into one sleepless haze is happily long behind me. But one day you will be watching your youngest blow out his four birthday candles and wondering where the time went. And I am sure soon after that you will blink and he will be donning a cap and gown.

Happy birthday my dear Silas. You bring so much joy to our family. We are all constantly giggling at your antics and laughing at your made up “jokes.” You never met a truck or superhero you didn’t love. And you will turn just about anything into a gun despite my attempts to steer you otherwise. You are a lover of snuggles and I love you enough that I let you crawl up and snuggle despite the way you get a ridiculously sweaty boy head every time you sleep. You are loved by most anyone who meets you and I hope that continues for your whole life (except for girls in high school, stay away from them). We love you dear Silas. Can’t wait to see what this year brings!


  1. Happy Birthday, Silas! I can’t believe you are four! You are such a smart, sweet, funny kid!
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