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I was raised on musicals. Mostly of the Rogers and Hammerstein version when I was younger. Oklahoma, Carousel, The King and I, and South Pacific. I knew all the songs and stories at an early age thanks to my mom.

In high school I learned more about the Broadway shows. I saw Cats, Phantom, Miss Saigon and Les Miserables when they came to the big city an hour away. Then in graduate school, it was a quick train ride into NYC and we would save up and splurge on Annie Get Your Gun and A Chorus Line.

Off stage, I fell head over heels in love with Grease. Thankfully I didn’t quite grasp all the lyrics because now as an adult I am a teensy bit appalled. But I know all the words, every dance move and even sang “Hopelessly Devoted” at the school talent show, hoping and praying that we could do Grease as our high school musical. Sadly in the four years I was there we did one musical my sophomore year. Oklahoma. My dreams of playing Sandy were dashed.

When I met Ryan I could not comprehend how he had never seen a musical in his life. Not a movie, not a stage production, not even listened to a soundtrack. We had only been dating a month when Christmas hit and he got me tickets to see Sound of Music (with Richard Chamberlin!!) and I began my life long quest of trying to turn him into a musical lover. Aside from a deep love for Wicked, I have so far failed.

But that is why you have children right? To pass on all your favorite hobbies so you have someone to do things with? So although we are holding off on Grease, we have Sound of Music on heavy rotation. They have seen The King and I a few times. And we might as well count Frozen as a musical because my kids certainly do.

I was so excited to learn that Netflix has several musicals I can stream with my kids. Here are my top picks for family friendly sing alongs (although I always cross check with Common Sense Media):

  1. Shrek The Musical: your kids probably already love the movie. A musical just doubles the fun!!
  2. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang: An oldie for sure. But always a goodie. Dick Van Dyke is always a win.
  3. High School Musical: Somehow my kids got ahold of this soundtrack (garage sale?) and I will confess, even I have grown to love the music. It is like a tame Grease.
  4. Mulan: I love that Disney finally gave us a strong female heroine. Of course since Mulan, more have followed. But she kind of set the standard after years of princesses who just wanted to land a prince.
  5. Prince of Egypt: I don’t know why I haven’t seen this movie yet! Silas and I are reading about Moses in our bible at night so I think this would be the perfect time to watch.

Moms (or families with older kids) will of course love RentFootloose or Grease. You might not enjoy watching the latter with me unless you enjoy watching movies with someone who can recite every line and sing every song. I can assure you, my husband does not. I’ll save it for some night when he isn’t around. Grab my hairbrush to use as a microphone and do my best Rizzo impression.

What is your favorite musical?

Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team and have received complimentary service in exchange for this post. 



  1. They have Shrek the Musical?? I totally want to see that! Unless they’ve taken it off, Netflix also has the stage production of Into the Woods with Bernadette Peters, which I adore. Company, too. I will basically watch any musical because I LOVE THEM ALL. Les Mis and Wicked are favorites, of course, but I also love Thoroughly Modern Millie, Gypsy, Into the Woods. All of them. Mr. V and I had tickets to a small theater in Nashville for four years and we got to see a lot of great musicals that way.

    One of my friends told me a few weeks ago that she hates musicals. I simply CANNOT understand this. But I was totally raised on The Music Man, The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, and Mary Martin’s Peter Pan.
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