Flying The Friendly Skies


I flew home from Type A Con today. Practically skipped down the terminal into the squealing hugs of three kids and bear hug from a weary hubby. Dude. Dorothy was so very right.

I was so worn out from the conference. I learned a lot. And got refilled and re-energized for my blog. And I got to laugh and hug and dance (oh yes, I danced) with some of my favorite people in the world. But I have been traveling too much for my taste lately and I just miss my family. So today I had no patience for airports and security and tiny squished seats.

But I think God decided to give me a little treat today. I sat down on the first flight and the pilot got on to do his introduction. Except his routine was more of a comedy routine/ jazz performance. Jokes, impersonations and even a little harmonica. Harmonica. From an airline pilot.

I landed on my first flight with a two hour layover. Any smile that pilot brought to my face was quickly replaced by a weary face who knew it was still another four hours until I got to hug my four favorite people on the planet. If only I had my heels to click.

I boarded my last plane of the day hoping time would go quickly. And who comes over the intercom? My harmonica playing/ stand up comedian pilot. Yeah, I had hear the whole routine before, but I smiled just the same.

In a world where customer service typically means a roll of an eye while they begrudgingly help you with what you want, it was the perfect day to come across a man who not only loves his job but has decided to spread that joy. It was the perfect way to end a trip. And the perfect joy to pass on to my waiting family’s arms.


  1. Flying on my own for the first time on my own and for the second time in my life (the first time was when I was still a kid at home), I’ll need all the tips I can get.

    Where am I going???? To see Becca – Our Crazy Boys. Squeal!!!!

    Glad you are home. Enjoy!
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    • Visiting blogging friends is the BEST. I am a long time flyer so I am not sure I have much good advice. I just try and sleep so it all gets over quicker :)

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