Flu Bugs, Fevers and the Braun Forehead Thermometer

Today I posted on the Just Jilly Facebook page:

It is some sort of mommy Murphy’s Law that if you keep your kid home when they say they are sick, they will bounce off the walls all day like nothing is wrong. But if you send them, they will be the kid puking over the side of their desk. Sigh.

Today I had the puking kid.

This is my third puking kid this week (three down, one to go) but they have been oddly spread out with 3-4 days in between them. Which is a delightful little way to prolong the agony. I mean why pack a stomach flu into a weekend when it can last a few weeks? And last through the polar vortex/ snowpacolypse!

I have struggled for a long time with figuring out how to deal with fevers once my kids get past the baby phase. If I can be so blunt, once the kids get past the age where you can take their temperatures rectally, it just seems impossible to get any sort of accurate read. Who knew I would mourn the end of that phase? But armpit temps on a wiggly toddler? Trying to get my older kids to figure out how to stick a thermometer under their tongue? It seems easier just to guess and give them some medicine.

So I began coveting the thermometers they have at the doctor’s office. The ones they swipe across your kid’s forehead and immediately it beeps and gives an accurate temperature. So when I was given a chance to try out the new Braun Forehead Thermometer I jumped at the chance.


I got it about a month ago and gratefully didn’t have the chance to try it out. Until now. Now, that baby has been getting a workout. And I want to marry this thermometer.

In seconds I have my kid’s temp taken. And not only is it totally un-invasive, but it is so much fun to use the kids take their own temp and fight over who gets to take their temp next. Okay, so maybe that part isn’t fantastic. But it seriously so easy to use, my four-year old can do it.

And it color codes the temps so even a monkey can figure out if they have a fever. Green means normal, yellow means slightly elevated and red means high fever. The last thing you want to do when your kid has a fever is over think things. This takes the guess work right out of it.

It is a bit pricier than your typical thermometer, but in my experience those little digital cheapies are constantly breaking and needing to be replaced. I have high hopes that this one will last a bit longer. And on the off-chance that it doesn’t, the fact that it has made a difficult week so much more bearable is worth every penny. Truly.

Here is to the end of blizzards, polar vortexes and bouts of fevers. Oh 2014. Pull it together!

Disclosure: I was provided a Braun Thermometer by Influenster. I was not compensated in any other way and was not expected to blog about the product. But I truly have fallen in love with it these past few weeks and wanted to share my experiences with you. I’m a giver…..



  1. I’ve been a temporal scan mama from the very beginning! These things are the bomb!!! We’ve even used ours to verify that rooms in our house are actually several degrees different from each other! Glad you’ve finally gotten one. If I’d known you didn’t have one I would’ve told you years ago. I’m sorry. ;)
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