Five Websites That Keep Me Organized

New year, new goals, new attempts at becoming the uber organized person that is trapped inside me. I have highlighted a few of these websites and apps before and sadly they don’t actually send organizing and cleaning fairies to my house to do the work. They have the audacity to assume I will actually do what they tell me to do. I’m working on it. 2014 is my year. Or not.


1. Spring Cleaning 365: I’m adequate at keeping up with daily chores around the house, but I get really overwhelmed with clutter. Things pile up and rooms get out of control and I just kind of throw up my hands and assume the fetal position. My friend Christine has come to my rescue. Rather than making spring the time to go crazy cleaning and purging, she takes you through small, very doable tasks every day. And if you get behind during the week, Saturday is a weekly catch up day. Last week we tackled the bedroom and I can not believe how happy it makes me too see some nagging piles tended to.

2. Motivated Moms: I have used this first as eBook and then as an app. It is the only way I can keep the house even close to clean. Every day there are a handful of small tasks to accomplish. While Spring Cleaning 365 tackles one room at a time, Motivated Moms is what keeps me on track with cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, and dusting. I seriously don’t know where to start without it. Apparently I am cleaning challenged.

3. Cozi: I gave up the paper calendar last year after swearing I would never do so. Cozi is now our family calendar and so much more. I love it because both and Ryan and I can access and amend it from our apps (iOS, Android). But I also use it to menu plan, make shopping lists, and to do lists for the week. I have never been much a to do list kind of person, but since it is part of Spring Cleaning 365, I have enjoyed crossing things off as the week goes on.

4. Pinterest: I am always finding little tricks and tips over on Pinterest for cleaning. I pin them all to my Cleaning and Organizing board. 

5. Blogs: I read a few organizing blogs that inspire me (and sometimes overwhelm and depress me- keeping it real). My faves are: A Slob Comes Clean, I Dream of Clean, and Andrea Dekker.

What resources do you use to keep organized?




  1. Hi Jill!

    Thank you so much for highlighting Spring Cleaning 365. Having to write about cleaning every day has actually helped me keep my home more clean and organized too. Kind of like virtual accountability :) So glad you’re participating too!

    By the way, you have one of the best cleaning/organizing pinterest boards, so keep the good tips coming!
    Christine (Spring Cleaning 365) recently posted…Deep Clean the Bathroom: StreamlineMy Profile

  2. We are also big Cozi fans! It makes co-parenting with my daughter’s dad and step-mom much easier and keeps all four parents on the same page. Very cool.
    Shannan recently posted…Scary facts parents need to know about the Tinder appMy Profile

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