Five Tips To Banish Dry Skin in the Winter

I am still pretending that spring is right around the corner. But in the meantime my skin is KILLING me. Itchy, dry, flaking. A hot mess. I typically don’t suffer that badly during the winter but this winter seems especially brutal in every possible way. So I have been trying some new tricks and have found some that work really well.

dry skin

1. Body Oil: This is a recent discovery and it is a total game changer. I always knew that post shower I was supposed to use lotion. But what I didn’t know is that body oil is supposed to go on before you shower. I love this oil by Neutrogena. It feels very odd to oil up like some sort of body builder before I step in the shower, but it leaves a protective layer on my skin and when I step out of the shower it is still there.

2. Warm-ish showers: I like my showers so hot that my skin is slightly red and scalded when I am done. I also believe showers should take as long as humanly possible. But long, hot showers do a number on your skin. So turn the temp down a bit and keep your showers short. Upside- your kids have less time to take apart the toilet role and flush toys down the toilet.

3. Dove Advanced Care DeodorantI was recently sent a sample of this unrelated to my blog and didn’t really think deodorant could make that big of a difference. But I was wrong. I cannot believe how smooth this makes my underarms feel. Did you know that when you shave you are removing a large amount of skin? Gross!! This moisturizes the skin and still does everything a deodorant should do. I am sold. (ps. you really should shave less during the winter because shaving is so drying. sorry to your husband, but YAY for you)

4. Beeslick Jr.The skin around my eyes gets really dry in the winter. I am sure there is a reason beyond just winter because sometimes it happens in the summer too, but despite having mostly un- sensitive skin everywhere else, my eyes get quirky. About a year ago I was sent some hard lotions to try on Hannah’s sensitive skin and I stole this one for my own. I just rub a little around my eyes and it is so soothing. It is also great for chapped cheeks and lips.

5. Furnace Humidifier: I am starting to believe this is the biggest game changer we have going on right now for dry skin. We stayed away from home last weekend and our skin was so crazy dry and itchy and everything was incredibly static-y. This keeps our house from getting to dry, cuts down on bloody noses and keeps the static under control. This one is very similar to what we have.



  1. I’ve never heard of a furnace humidifier before! That is a great idea.

    That is a great product for around the eyes, a lady at the grocery store suggested coconut oil for the same thing. Who knew?

    Thanks for the tips!
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