Five Things To Know About The New Blog

It’s live!! There are still some kinks to work out. Most noticeably we are having trouble getting the content from The Diaper Diaries to migrate over here. It is being stubborn. Much like a baby who is a week overdue and still refuses to come out the way it is supposed to.

But still. We are live. And I am THRILLED. (if you are reading in email or reader please pop over and have a look).

Five things will be a fun new series on the new site and I thought we could kick it off today with a quick list of things you should know.

  1. I tried to get stuff done this weekend to get all the links and sidebar up to par, but there are still some hiccups. I feel like Oz behind the curtain furiously pushing buttons and spinning wheels telling you “pay no attention, nothing to see here”. It will happen, but my offline life takes a lot of attention these days so it will happen when it happens.
  2. You shouldn’t have to do a thing if you are already a subscriber. You should continue to get content from the new blog to your email inbox or reader. If you aren’t a subscriber, what are you waiting for???? Subscribe today!!
  3. One of the things I have always wanted to use my voice in the blogosphere for is social good. And while I have from time to time it certainly hasn’t been a focus. So I am focusing my efforts a bit. I have added an advocacy category and will be supporting causes based around children. Children’s hunger, children’s health and global initiatives benefiting children. Right now that means continuing to support World Vision, Shot at Life and Child Hunger Ends Here (more on that last one in a few days).
  4. Switching over to a new blog is EXHAUSTING. But did I mention that Francesca from Small Bird Studios has put up with me amazingly well and I think she did a fantastic job. If you ever have any design needs you should use her. For Realz.
  5. I’m going to Blissdom!!!!! This was supposed to be a year off from conferences, but Blissdom I can’t quit you! I am a community leader again and I have an amazing sponsor I can’t wait to tell you about as well. But for now, I just want to know if any of my readers will be there so we can hang out!! (apparently I am excited. hence the extreme overuse of exclamation points)
    Welcome to the new digs. Can’t wait to see what Just Jilly has in store!


  1. The new blog looks great! I am an email subscriber and it seems to still be working. Can’t wait to read more from you.


  2. Woooohoooo!!! I think it’s lovely, and I can’t WAIT to read more from Just Jilly!!! :)
    Mary @ Giving Up on Perfect recently posted…Weekend Links, 3.9.2013My Profile

  3. Sherry says:

    New site looks great! Congrats!

  4. Congrats it looks great!
    Amy@PermissiontoPeruse recently posted…Stitch Fix: Fix #2My Profile

  5. Love the new design! I’m glad that you are up and running! I’ve missed you (both online and in person!)

  6. It looks lovely, dahling! Also, I’ll be at BlissDom too!! I’m working at two different sponsor booths, so you should come by and see me. :)

  7. I love new blogs! Congratulations! I can’t wait to see what it inspires you to do.
    Megan {Velveteen Mind} recently posted…40 Days of Indulgent ChangeMy Profile

  8. Jennifer says:

    I love the “swirly” look of it!

  9. Please be sure to use the word “bliss” way more often than necessary in all of your tweets, instagram, and FB posts. Don’t disappoint me!!
    Jenny from Mommin’ It Up recently posted…Seventh Generation Baby Wipes review & giveawayMy Profile

  10. Yay for new blogs!!! Can’t wait to watch this grow and see what all you have in store for us.
    Amy Tilson recently posted…Style Shipped to My Door by Stitch FixMy Profile

  11. Looks amazing! I love it.
    Megan(FriedOkra) recently posted…Dear Mom on the iPhone, I Get it.My Profile

  12. Looks fab! Congrats!!
    Karla Archer recently posted…Just Like High School (almost)My Profile

  13. LOVE your new digs! I have been wanting to rebrand for quite a while. I just can’t come up with a name so I keep going, LOL. I love this!!
    Jo-Lynne {Musings of a Housewife} recently posted…Closet Confessions #FashionFridayMy Profile

    • Thank you. It was terrifying. And the name thing UGH. Everything I wanted was taken. But now the band-aid has been ripped off. Here goes nothing.

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