Five Things to Enjoy When You Have The Flu


yeah, I know, but what picture would you use????

Whew. Sorry I disappeared for a bit there. We were dealing with Pukefest 2013 around these parts and blogging just took a back seat (we are getting t-shirts to commemorate the event).

I’m not going to lie. As I have watched various flus make their way through my Facebook feed and Twitter stream I have been a bit cocky that we have been so healthy for so long. I seriously credit all our changes in diet to our sick-free run (eliminating processed food, eating mainly from farmers, etc.). It has been years since anyone in this house has had more than a sniffle.

But I think this baby upset our delicate ecosystem. Because she started throwing up on Thursday and it was all downhill from there. Each of us had some version of the flu at some point, the high point being when Silas and Hannah were fighting for puke space over the same bowl (we are pro puke bowl in our house, no leaning over the toilet for our high class family).

We are mostly on the upswing around these parts (except for my dear parents who helped us out during Pukefest 2013 to their own demise). And I am hoping we have put in our time for the next five years. Because, although my kids bounce back astonishingly well, I am getting too old for this.

Here are five things I enjoyed while stuck in bed with a puke bowl:

  1. Sparkly Green Earrings : Way back in the day when I first started reading blogs, before I even had a blog of my own, Melanie’s Big Mama was one of the first blogs I read. It is one that I truly look forward to showing up in my reader every morning. And her book was just like a big, long, blog post. Her daughter Caroline is almost the same age as Lily and her journey through parenting has a lot of parallels to mine. I laughed, I cried, I puked. Although I am pretty sure the puking part had nothing to do with the book. You have been warned though.
  2. Bread & Wine : I am a giant fan of Shauna Niequist. At times it borders on stalker, but for the purposes of this post we shall call it fandom. Her new book has a bit of a different feel from Cold Tangerines and Bittersweet (both books that I LOVED) and that is good and bad. I still love her storytelling. It is what she does best. And I love the idea of life being lived around a table and shared meals. But the book didn’t grab me quite as much as her previous writings. That being said, I still really enjoyed it and can’t wait to tackle a few of her recipes (I already made her flourless chocolate brownies and they might have changed my life forever).
  3. Cross Me Color: This app might be my downfall. While the rest of you are playing Candy Crush (which I refuse to even look into for fear of an addiction), I have become addicted to this game. It is some sort of cross between Sudoku and color by number. Or something. I don’t know, but I can’t stop. I actually deleted it from my tablet pre- Pukefest because it was becoming a problem. But I have temporarily brought it back. Just until I feel better. I promise……………
  4. Doof’s Daily Dirt: My kids love Phineas and Ferb. LOVE. And although I occasionally catch a snippet from time to time, I don’t pay them much attention. Well somehow Lily and I stumbled upon these little clips from the evil genius Doof and laughed our heads off. Honestly me more than her because there are a lot of pop culture references she just doesn’t get (none inappropriate, just over her head). We made our way through all of them, and they are all hilarious, but this one about Instagram was so funny. Especially in light of the fact that most everything he talked about can be found in my friend stream at this very moment.
  5. My family: It may be ironic to enjoy your family when you are all wishing death would just come and take you already, but we had a blast together (outside of the whole puking thing). Getting sick forces you to slow down and take stock. We did a lot of movie watching, laying around in our king sized bed, and reading together. Even getting to take care of some sick kiddos and hubby is an amazing privilege. So while I am glad the flu is on its way out I will miss all the quality time and am committed to keeping the “all family, all the time” vibe going around here.


  1. Our most recent Pukefest? 6:30am. CHRISTMAS MORNING. Yes, really. Then Christmas night, then the next night… oy.
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