Five Things From My Weekend

  1. After years of thinking that I would love it, but having too many other shows I had to keep up with, I have finally started watching The Office. From the beginning on Hulu +. And I love all of it. Steve Carrell is awesome. The Jim and Pam will they won’t they (I already know they do). And Jim and Dwight almost have me in tears every night. What took me so long? I . Don’t. Know.
  2. I went on a massive back to school shopping spree at Old Navy with Lily for an upcoming blog post. We had so much fun and make a dangerous shopping pair. I can only hope when she really REALLY gets into shopping and fashion she will be at an age where she would rather die than shop with me. Because otherwise we could do some serious danger. Side note: I made a side trip to JCPenny and scored the jacket I highlighted on Friday on sale for $17. WOOT!!
  3. When my two girls were little I vowed never to let my children wear clothes with obnoxious characters on them. Sure they begged for them, but I held firm. I have lost all will power with my son whose face lights up whenever he sees anything Star Wars, Angry Birds or, HANG ONTO YOU SEAT, Angry Birds Star Wars. Today I bought him the gaudiest Angry Bird Star Wars backpack for preschool. Seeing his face light up when he got it was totally worth it. I don’t even know myself.
  4. The sermon in church this morning was about Christianity being reckless and dangerous. It is really making me think about whether my life reflects that. Or am I always looking for safety. Also am I parenting in a way that raises my kids to reflect that? Chewing on that for awhile.
  5. Our summer meal plan looks pretty much like this. Meat on the grill with some sort of veggie from our CSA on the side. Later, rinse, repeat. I really don’t have a problem with this, but every once in awhile I like to stir things up. Tonight we had Kirkland brand pulled pork from Costco (is that redundant? pretty sure it is) and it was delicious. So good you really didn’t need barbeque sauce. Although I still poured some on because duh. Anywho, if you are a Costco member you should check it out. It may change your life.

How’s that for some randomness? What’s new and random with you?

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