Five Reasons I Love Traverse City

We just got back from our annual summer trip to Traverse City. This year we dragged my parents, brother, sister in law and niece and nephew with us. And as usual, TC never disappoints and goes down as one of my favorite weekends of the summer. We don’t do anything all that special. We always hit up The Cherry Festival and Pirate’s Cove, but other than that it is just a whole lotta beach and sun. Thought I might share 5 of my favorite pics from the weekend.


I did this, this and some more of this


our hotel had tons of fun beach activities. I was so proud of Lily for jumping right in to the tug of war despite being the only girl. Girls rule!!


Our annual visit to Pirate’s Cove. The first year all the kids were tall enough to ride the go carts. A little friendly family competition. My dad and Silas won.


At the end of the day the only choice seemed to be pool or beach. And really you couldn’t go wrong with either choice


I hate that we couldn’t get a better picture of this but on the way home we saw the most magnificent rainbow I have ever seen (we were driving so the pic is blurry). It was a complete arc with a faint double rainbow. it was the most incredibly vivid rainbow, super bright and every single color distinct. The perfect ending to our weekend of magic.


  1. Where did you stay? It looks great having a pool and the beach so close.
    TC is great–esp all of the wineries so close by :)

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