Five Places to Shop for Fashionable Accessories


On Friday I told you how I organized my accessories and how I am learning to not be afraid of bold accessories. Today I thought it might be helpful for you to know where I get my accessories on the cheap. Occasionally I splurge but since I like to follow the trends I tend to not want to spend a lot on my jewelry. Fortunately there are a lot of places to accomplish just that.

  1. Groopdealz: Every girl has their favorite place to shop, and when it comes to accessories this one is BY FAR my favorite. I get daily emails with their boutique deals and they are always adorable. My problem is not buying all the things. But once every few weeks I pull the trigger and am always happy I did so. Get thee signed up STAT!! (ps. they have clothes, adorable stuff for your kiddos and home décor stuff too)

  2. Forever 21: The mecca of all that is trendy and cheap! Of course the name suggests it is a mecca of all that is trendy and cheap and young. But I think jewelry is the perfect way to pull off trends that might otherwise seem a bit out of your age range. Better that than a 40 year old trying to wear tie dyed skinny jeans (not that there is anything wrong with that).

  3. Charming Charlie’s:  This store is my happy place. I went to one in Atlanta a few years back and ever since then have lamented the fact that there isn’t one near me. But I just found out own is opening in Grand Rapids. Cue dancing in the streets. They have a bit of clothes and gifts too, but mainly just accessories (including purses and shoes- swoon). Counting down the days.

  4. H & M: This is Forever 21s slightly older sister. Still very trendy, but often times with a tad more sophistication. But still cheap. Which is all that matters right?

  5. Francesca’s: Possibly the priciest of my little round up but still worth checking out. If you happen to have an actual store near you it is so fun to poke around. Their store layouts always inspire me and I love their quirky gifts. But they also have a great online store if you don’t live near one and don’t forget their sale section. There are usually some good steals to be found.

Where do you do your accessory shopping?


  1. Ditto on Forever 21. Even though I feel like a grandma going in there now. I mean, I KNOW I’m young-looking and hot-looking…but the infantile girls who work there make me FEEL like I LOOK my age. :)
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