Five Must Haves For Your Summer Road Trip With Kids

We love a good road trip in this house. And summer is when we take the bulk of them. And believe it or not we take them relatively technology free. We have an iTouch and a few VTech toys, but we also love a good old fashioned ABC game. These are a few of our favorite road trip essentials.

1. Melissa & Doug License Plate Game

license plate game

This obviously works better for long road trips, but we can cover quite a few just driving through Michigan if you count trucks (which we do). I played this game growing up as well, but it wasn’t near as cute and easy to keep track.

2. Pillow Pets

pillow pet

I don’t really get why kids are so obsessed with these things. But when the trips are long and there are naps involved they are perfect to avoid the dreaded head flop.

3.  Magna Doodle

magna doodle

This serves a multitude of functions. You can draw on it, play Hangman, tic tac toe….. who knows what your kids will come up with. We have one for each kid to eliminate fighting. Not that my kids ever fight on long stretches of open road……

4. Rory’s Story Cubes

rory's story cubes

I got this game for the girls at Christmas and it is so fun. You roll the dice and then create a story about what you see using each die. Obviously the options are endless. And if you can eavesdrop a little on the backseat it can be entertainment for the whole family.

5. Alex Car Valet

car valet

I don’t actually have this product, but it has won a lot of awards and I stumbled upon it while poking around Amazon. I have been looking for something similar since my kids love to do art in the car and it is hard to not end the trip with markers and papers in every last crevice. This actually straps to the seat in front of your child and creates a desk for your child to work at. Perfect!!

What is your “must haves” for traveling?

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