Five Games We Can’t Stop Playing

We love board games around here. We don’t play them near enough because it is hard to find a game that the three year old, the seven year old and the nine year old all can play and enjoy. But then last Christmas I hit the jackpot. We found and ingenious game and I immediately needed to see who made it. Blue Orange games just happened to reach out to me a few months later and we are a match made in heaven. They provided me with a few games to review and here are five that we loved.

1. Spot It

spotit This game is so big right now that I have gone by stores and seen signs in the window letting people know they carry the game. Its reputation of being a great game is well deserved. What I love about this game is there are so many different ways to play so you never get bored. It comes with instructions for 6 games, but we have even made up a few so that Silas can play. It is really for kids 7 and up, but with some modifications everyone can play. And the little tin it comes in easily fits in a purse. The perfect portable entertainment.

2. Gobblet Gobblers

GobbletGobbler If you can play tic tac toe you can play this game. This game is very fast and easy and takes seconds to set up. What I love about Blue Orange games is that kids think they are just having fun but they are learning at the same time. While your child might think they are playing tic tac toe they are actually learning strategy, memory and abstract reasoning. It will bring out your competitive side as well.

3. Pengoloo

pengoloo This was the one game I didn’t receive from Blue Orange but I loved it long before I knew Spot It existed because Hannah’s speech therapist used to use it during her therapy. A WAY more adorable way to play memory, you simply roll the dice and then lift a penguin trying to match the color underneath. Like Gobblet Gobblers, this game is made with high quality wooden pieces. And unlike typical memory games you won’t want to poke your eyes out while playing (just me?)

4. Speedeebee

speedebee This game is for older kids. It says ages 8 and up but the pace of it is a bit fast for Hannah. If we can play at a slower pace then she does well. My favorite thing about this game is that you never play the same game twice. There are over 150 challenges. You roll 1-4 dice and follow the instructions on your card finding words either including or excluding the letters you rolled. And again it comes in a tiny tin that makes it easy to stick in your purse and bring to the doctor/ restaurant/ boring meeting.

5. Sketch It

sketch it This one really is for older kids. Lily is the only kid who can do it at almost 10. You don’t have to be the best artist to win. But you do have to be a magical combination of artistic, quick and smart. And there is no taking turns to draw a la the Pictionary of yore. Everyone draws every time. Then you get points for finishing early, guessing correctly and having other players correctly guess your drawing. Lots of giggling will ensue. Which for me is a non negotiable on game night.

There are a bunch more Blue Orange games on my wish list. I completely trust whatever they put out because I have yet to be disappointed and these are the games my kids keep coming back for. Check them out. you won’t be disappointed.


  1. Great post. Always looking for the next great game to play with the kids. I have been looking at buying ‘Spot It’ for awhile. Good to hear you like it.
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  2. We were thinking of a few new games for Mali’s birthday coming up next week….7! Which ones does Hannah most enjoy?

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