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My kids have an incredible knowledge of the bible. It actually astounds me. They go to Christian school and we also have church/ Sunday school and we do some reading at night. Needless to say, they typically know more than I do. Still, I am always looking for new ways to make the bible come alive. I don’t want my kids to grow up with just head knowledge, but want them to really fall in love with God’s big story.

Here are our five favorite resources to bring the bible to your kids:

  1. Jesus Storybook Bible: To me this is the cream of the kid’s bible crop. The illustrations are beautiful. The stories are poetic. And the whole bible tells a bigger story, the story of Christ is weaved throughout, from creation to Revelation. No matter how many times we read it, it is still one of the kid’s favorites that they reach for time and time again.
  2. God’s Love For You Bible: I was sent a copy of this book last fall and am just getting around to writing it. What I love about this bible is that God’s stories are intertwined with stories of World Vision kids from around the world. So not only do my kids learn about God, but they learn about his world and the way others live. Anything that reinforces our desire for our kids to see a world outside their own that calls for us to be generous is a win in my book.
  3. Jesus Calling Bible Storybook: Part storybook bible, part devotional, we love this book because the stories of the bible end with a prayer and an application. It has led to some good discussions. Like the Jesus Storybook Bible the illustrations are adorable and each devotion reads as though God is speaking directly to my kid’s (and my) heart. Love.
  4. Adventure Bible: This is actually the bible our kid’s school gives to each student in 3rd grade and they keep it through graduation. Again it makes the bible more relevant with articles that tell what culture was like when the bible was written, explanations of who wrote each book, easy scripture memory and more. It is my favorite bible for kids.
  5. The Bible App For Kids: Since apps are my kid’s current love language, it makes sense that they would have a great bible app to make the bible come alive. With 7 fully animated bible stories as well as games and activities for kids to go even deeper into the story, this app is truly amazing. And it appeals to all my kids even though their ages span from 4-10. It was developed with a partnership between  OneHope and YouVersion and hopes to reach millions of children. You can download it for free: from iTunes, Google Play or Amazon. Also check out these amazing parent resources to help you get the most out of the app. 

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  1. I love YouVersion! I’ll have to see if I can get Mr. V to download the app to his iPad so the kids can see it. I think he’d be willing to let them play with it for a few minutes if it’s holy. ;)
    Vanderbilt Wife recently posted…Saturday Linky LoveMy Profile

  2. I don’t have kids yet, but I love these recommendations! I want my future kids to know the Bible better than I do!
    Ashley recently posted…5 Years – Where We’ve Been (and some travel tips!)My Profile

  3. Christie says:

    Any recommendations for the under 2 set? I LOVE the Jesus Storybook Bible, but each story is much too long for a toddler’s attention span.

    • Do you read Oh Amanda? She has a great list of resources that is much more comprehensive than mine: http://ohamanda.com/2013/09/27/31-days-of-the-very-best-bible-based-books-for-your-bambinos-ok-kids/

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