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I have a strong addiction to my phone and tablet. It borders on unhealthy (okay at times it is straight up unhealthy). But part of my addiction is that it makes my life so much easier. Well that is my story and I am sticking to it. These are currently the five favorite apps that are saving my day.

  1. Food Planner: When I don’t plan our meals our grocery budget skyrockets, I gain 5 pounds and we end up eating a LOT of brinner (breakfast for dinner). This planning app doesn’t do anything particularly magical. But it keeps my meal plan right where I can see it. It has all sorts of amazing features I should be using, but I pretty much just use it to plan meals.
  2. Cozi: This app/website is currently running my life. I finally ditched the wall calendar last year and went to all online. And since the hubby has access to it on his phone/computer as well I can totally pull off the “if it isn’t on the calendar it isn’t happening.” On my Android phone and tablet I can even use a big widget that shows me my whole week at a glance (take that Apple). Each kid gets there own color and suddenly I am an organizing genius. There is a grocery list (which I use) and a meal planner (which I don’t- see above). I could do ten posts on my love for this app, but let me just sum up- Love.
  3. Pages Manager: I manage two pages besides my personal FB account. Obviously the Just Jilly page (which you have already liked…..) and also my children’s school page. I find I frequently forget to post on either. My regular FB app kept bugging me to install this app and I kept ignoring it (you aren’t the boss of me Mark Zuckerberg). Finally I did it and wowza do I love this thing. I can post to my pages and I get notified whenever anyone responds. It just helps me stay on top of things. And that is a very good thing.
  4. WordPress: Okay so this one is just for bloggers. But like Page Manager I don’t know what took me so long to add this one. I don’t actually post anything from my phone or tablet, but I can do a quick edit, approve and respond to comments, even check my stats (don’t do that though, it is a sickness).
  5. Motivated Moms.: I’m not what you would call a strong housekeeper. I really do want to, but I just find the whole thing overwhelming. Having an app on my tablet that tells me what I need to clean everyday? Game changer. And I get to check things off one by one when I accomplish them. (You can also get MM as a PDF or printable sheet if you prefer). Add custom tasks and color code tasks based on who you want to perform them. I love this app but its brilliance should not be judged by the state of my house. Sometimes I am too busy playing Cross Me Color to get to my chores……

What apps make your life easier?


  1. My wife wanted a pricebook app but we couldn’t find any good ones on Android, so I wrote one called Simple Pricebook. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.logan.bryan.pricebook (Just Android for now, but iOS will probably come soon).

    For calendar, we use Google Calendar. We’ve created a family calendar, and then given each other access to our personal calendars. I get notification every time something is scheduled.
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  2. Thank you for including Cozi as a favorite app! So glad to hear it’s working for your family! -Kati at Cozi

  3. So, my Cozi account is all set up now. You are the second person to tell me I need this. :)

    And facebook pages? I can’t believe you didn’t have that one! I would be totally confused and lost without it.

  4. Is the food planner an app or just a website? I looked for it and couldn’t find it.
    I used to have Cozi and LOVED it, but when we switched to all Mac and iPhones it just doesn’t work anymore. They have an app, but it is kind of pointless. I soooo wish they would make it sync with iCal! So Mac users should know that it really isn’t worth setting up if they need it to sync.

    • App. If you click on the link to the website there is a button on the right side that takes you to the app store.

  5. Thanks for the comments on our app!~ Not so sure about the nothing magical part, but we apprciate the mention and your honesty :) Lots of great new stuff coming to Food Planner so please if you have any ideas send them our way!

    I will post a link to your blog on FB, Twitter and G+

    Dave and Henrik!
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