Five Accessories Every Girl Needs

We have covered the five basics you need in your closet. And the five shoes you need in your closet. And the five jeans you need in your closet.  But my dear Jenny, alluded to the fact we haven’t covered the five accessories you need.

Accessories used to scare the crap out of me. But then I just decided to experiment with them and see what happens. And a love affair was born. Or addiction. Tomato, tomahto.

1. Multicolor Scarf


Scarves go with everything. The can spice up neutrals. Add extra funky to stripes. Bring color to all black. Find one with lots of color to maximize its use in your wardrobe. Or buy so many that you have to have your hubby drill for an extra hook in your closet. Or something……

2. Statement Necklace

statement necklace

My favorite place for statement necklaces is Groopdealz. I got this necklace there and every time I wear it people FREAK OUT. It goes with everything. I could seriously wear it everyday. Check out this post for my other five favorite places to buy accessories

3. Everyday Bag


I know some people who have bag after bag after bag. But those people aren’t me. I like to have one that is a jack of all trades. This season structured handbags are everywhere. This one at Target it a great price and has some really nice detailing. It is on my wish list for sure.

4. Hat for bad hair days


Hats are a mom’s dream. Bad hair day/ Low sleep day/ Too much to do day? Throw on a hat and go. Keep it fashionable and it looks like you are doing it on purpose. I have been loving my fedora lately, but I also have a military cap that I love. Dressy baseball caps are a huge trend this fall as well.

5. Bold Earring

bold earring

I tend to wear simple earrings and bold necklaces, but I am trying to step it up in the earring department. When you wear a bold earring you want to keep your necklace a bit more simple. But don’t think you need to be dressed fancy for fancy earrings. Sometimes they are a great way to play up a casual outfit.

Do you shy away from accessories or pile them on?


  1. A few years ago I decided to start wearing accessories. I’d be better at following through on that if I wasn’t so cheap. (Weren’t so cheap? I don’t know. It’s late.) Anyway, I really need a statement necklace. That was my point here. Well, that and I like plain clothes so accessories are pretty much a must for me.

  2. I love accessories. It took me YEARS to be willing to wear something that “wasn’t real”, though. Before kids, especially, I was spoiled with tons and tons of real gemstone jewelry from my hubby– I loved it, and he loved picking it out. I still love my “real” jewelry, but , when statement necklaces became all the rage, I needed to accept that I wasn’t going to have a statement piece made out of, say, all emeralds. ;) Now, I happily mix and match my “good” stuff, my “cheap” stuff, and everything in between. (I’m a “one purse” kind of girl, myself. And I keep it as small as I can possibly manage, because I have no interest in schlepping 40 pounds on my shoulder.)
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