First Steps

steps.jpgMy one year old began initiating taking steps today. Not just diving in between my husband and I, but actually standing at the coffee table and taking steps away from it. We are very excited in our household on this eve of walking. Tonight I am pausing to wonder why.

All parents get excited when our children reach developmental milestones. I find that excitement wears off quickly as you suddenly have to chase a walking child around your house as they get into all sorts of new stuff that is now at eye level. Or as you try to decipher whatever phrase they are saying over and over that just sounds like jibberish. Or as you patiently wait for them to sound out a word in a book that takes 3 times as long for them to read than you could.

Oh, who am I kidding, it is still totally exciting when they do anything new. You should see my husband and I cheer and clap for my daughter sticking out her tongue when we say “Where’s your tongue?” I never will grow tired of that.


  1. And I will never tire of watching my firstborn be a loving mother to my precious little granddaughters!!!

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