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finerthings I have been a reader for as long as I can remember. In fact the bulk of my childhood memories involve spending time at the library or books I loved to read. I can still picture the library where I grew up in my mind. I can even picture a bean bag I used to sit in at the elementary school library. Even in the craziness of college and graduate school I still found time to read non school books. I can remember my roommates pulling all nighters to study for tests while I was curled up with a good novel.

One of the things I strongly desire for my children is for them to love reading as well. So far, so good. Lily began reading early and has rarely been without a book in her hand since. Truly, she is one of those kids that will walk and read and nearly run into things. And don’t even try and talk to her while she is engrossed in a book. You will get nowhere. Hannah will find a book she loves and wants it read over and over again until she has it completely memorized. Then I will often find her “reading” it to her stuffed animals and babies. She is already beginning to show early signs of reading and I don’t doubt she will be as much of a reader as her sister.

Sadly, I don’t actually read like I used to. The silly computer has cut into a lot of my reading time. But I belong to a book club and if a book captures me I will abandon all other responsibilities to squeeze in moments to read. These days most of my book reading occurs snuggled up in bed trying to squeeze in a few minutes before my eyes just can’t stay open anymore. I sometimes wake up hours later with an open book on my chest.

But my whole life I have dreamed of having a window seat. A place to curl up with some beautiful pillows, a cup of tea and my latest favorite novel. The sun is streaming in and I am like a cat soaking it in. Of course the kids are off with a nanny or something because my dream does not have kids screaming, “Mommy, she won’t share!!” in the background.

Well this week on our vacation, we stayed in a cottage with a window seat. I blogged there, I read there, I just sat there and stared out the window there. We had a pond surrounded by flowers and filled with lily pads for a view. It was heavenly. Soon, I had a partner in crime.

I was recently provided with the new V.Reader Animated E-Book System for my kids to try out and review. My girls get so excited when one of the packages we get is for them and not for me. This one sent them over the edge. It is basically like a Kindle for kids. And it is PINK!! (although it also comes in blue) It basically brings stories to life. And it works at your child’s age and reading level so both my kids can find something that works for them. For Lily, my 6 1/2 year old who is an advanced reader, there are tons of games that she loves. For Hannah, my 4 year old who can’t yet read, she can listen along to the story being read. But the Vtech reader highlights words so she can follow along and develop her reading skills.

It works with a touch screen and has big buttons easy for little fingers to use. My kids figured out how to navigate around without any difficulty. It also works with cartridges, but soon you will be able to download new content on VTech’s website. Some of them will even be free! And there are tons of titles available featuring your child’s favorite characters.

I will be telling you more about the VTech in the coming weeks and I might even have a few giveaways up my sleeve. Or if you want a chance to win one right now, head over and take VTech’s Summer Reading Pledge with your child. The first 100 people to do so will get the brand new V.Reader just for encouraging your family to read.

I would love to know where your favorite spot is to read with your children. Please don’t rub it in if you have a window seat. You might just find me on your doorstep, book in hand.

*I was provided with a V.Reader and was compensated for my time in writing this review. As always all opinions are mine.

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  1. Bummer, the v.reader’s are all gone already. But perhaps I will put it on the wish list… sounds like a good thing to take in the car on a vacation!
    I’ve never had a window seat either, but last summer we had a beach house for a week with giant window seats overlooking the ocean (we were up on a cliff). It was awesome! And yes, I think I read 2 or 3 books that week, especially with the bad internet connection there!

  2. I was thinking this would be cool for road trips. Both kids have birthdays coming up…hmm…will check it out.

    My daughter has a window seat in her bedroom. I planned to make it all comfy with cushions and everything for reading, but haven’t gotten around to it. The “seat” currently serves as a shelf for all of her toys. She LOVES to read…I might have to add that to my project list this summer.
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