Finer Things Friday: Stellar Marriage Advice

finerthings  Lily came home from school beaming with the exciting news. The student teacher from her class had gotten engaged. This is always a big deal, but when you have a room full of second graders the big deal gets a bit amplified. Lily told me there was screaming. She made sure to clarify it was the good time.

Now we make a big deal out of marriage in this house. The kids know that the hubby and I teach marriage prep at our church. And when they ask us why we do, we tell them that we really want to help people have happy marriages. We tell them that mommy and daddy work hard on their marriage and make sure to remind them of that whenever we go on dates or away from the weekend. Sidenote: One of the best gifts you can give your children is the security of their parent’s marriage. So make sure to not let it take a back seat to your kiddos.

Well Lily’s class gave their student teacher an engagement gift. One I would pay big money to get a glimpse of. You see the whole class put together a book of marriage advice. Marriage advice from seven and eight year olds. Priceless. But the best part was what Lily told me her advice was:

  1. Love each other
  2. Don’t fight
  3. Take a marriage class

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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  1. Too cute! She’s a keeper!

    At one of our wedding showers, the guests were asked to write down advice in a book and one particularly straight-laced elderly woman wrote this: “Fight ‘nekkid’. You won’t be fighting long. (Of course by the time you’re our age it’s because you’re laughing at the sight of each other.)”

    SO unexpected from her, but it’s pretty good advice. :-)
    And, I might add, the only one out of that whole book that I remember 100%!
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  2. I love that you teach your kids how important marriage is. My first child is just around the corner and I really believe it’s important to keep my marriage strong. Statistically, kids who come from good marriages go on to have good ones themselves…so learning from the source wonderful :)
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  3. Smart girl, that daughter of yours!
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  4. Absolutely! After 18 years of marriage and 7 beautiful children, we are convinced that a healthy, loving, happy marriage benefits every relationship within the family. Even though the kids still say “Ewwww….” when they see us kiss, we know they’re glad for parents who love and enjoy each other. Best of all, God receives the glory because it is certainly by His grace that we have the strength to keep our marriage strong.

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