Fashion Rule Breaker

I would like to pretend I am some sort of rebel rule breaker in my life, but let’s be honest. That just isn’t remotely true. I pretty much follow the rules (but I am still very bad ass- see I just said bad ass).

However when it comes to fashion there are a few rules that are made to be broken.There are a few you shouldn’t break like giant shoulder pads, fanny packs, and running shoes with jeans. But then again, who am I to say. Last year Katie Holmes brought back the tight rolled jean and I thought that thing died its final death in the 80s.

Here are a few “fashion rules” you should be regularly breaking:

    • Wearing White After Labor Day: Winter whites are gorgeous and my white cords are one of my favorite things to wear in the winter. Keep the bright stark whites for summer, but winter whites and off whites are a beautiful neutral. This look makes use of an all neutral look but you can pair winter whites with just about anything.

winter whites

sweater, pants, tank, shoes, necklace

    • Don’t Wear Black and Brown Together: Have you perused fashion on Pinterest lately? This is totally a go now. I love this look and the options are endless.

brown and black

sweater, leggings, boots, scarf

    • Don’t Mix Prints: Don’t go too crazy with this one if you are a fashion rookie, but play around and see what happens. Stripes with polka dots, florals with stripes plaids and stripes. Animal prints with…. actually leave those by themselves. We don’t want those animals attacking anything.

mixed prints

shirt, jeans, scarf, boots

What fashion rules do you like breaking?

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