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TILT  Almost a year ago now I turned a TILT backward and asked you to help me find a mascara I would love. You delivered. I actually have several favorites now and buy based on what is on sale. Score!

But I am really, really dumb when it comes to eye makeup. If I do eye shadow, I use “eye shadow for dummies”, L’Oreal One Sweep Shadow. And most of the time I just do a little liner and mascara and call it a day.

But my liner always looks very…… line-y. Which could very well be user error. VERY well be. But it always just looks like I drew to lines on my eyes with crayon. Or like a drunken monkey did it. Actually that is just mean to drunken monkeys everywhere.

So on the off chance it is, in fact, my liner, can you tell me about the awesome liner that you use? The one that goes on smooth, blends well, and basically makes your eyes look like Adele?

Any makeup gurus in the house?? Help a sista out????

What are you loving this week? Come play along with Things I Love Thursday. All the guidelines are here if you are new. And don’t forget to go spread comment love to fellow participants and to use the #TILT hashtag if you tweet. Thanks for joining in!!


  1. i love bobby brown liner. i didn’t think a brand would matter much but i love it and won’t go bk to anything else.
    cindy johnston recently posted…Everything is mildly amusingMy Profile

  2. well, i am really a makeup novice, but please post about it for all us makeup challenged sisters when you find the perfect eyeliner!
    Lana recently posted…KieronMy Profile

  3. I am SO bad with make-up. I started wearing false lashes instead, the cheap ones are adhered to a black line so it’s like my eye-liner and mascara all in one!
    Jessi recently posted…A merry little V-day.My Profile

  4. I have learned to love the powdered eyeliner that you apply with a straight brush. Way easier to apply (and more natural looking) than using a pencil.
    Wendy (The Local Cook) recently posted…Beans Make Versatile DipsMy Profile

  5. Alison says:

    powered eyeliner (or use a dark eyeshadow), and buy a Mac eyeliner brush…..works beautifully! :)
    I use Trish McEvoy and Mac. You can get the Mac at Macy’s, Trish McEvoy from Nordstroms

  6. I have found that Mary Kay has the smoothest eyeliner with staying power. I think the trick is to not try to swoop it on in one long line. Start at the outside edge and make soft little strokes until you reach the inside corner of your top lid. And remember to never line the bottom lid all the way across. Stop half way or a quarter of the way across. The trick to use a dark eyeshadow for eyeliner is great too as it gives a softer look. Hope this helps!

  7. I, too, attended the Drunken Monkey School of Cosmetology. HOWEVER, I have mastered the liner! Bare escentuals (sp?) makes a super thin angled brush. The brush shaft (calm down) is at a 45 degree angle to the handle. I wet it and use cheap-o Ulta brand eyeshadow and apply right at the lash line. Result-definition without looking like you tried too hard. Also-for tired, pink eyes, I apply a white/pearl-y liner (Urban Decay) to the inner lid above the lash line. I’m pretty sure any opthamologist would have a fit with that and I will probably be blind soon, but it brightens you up quickly!…or just get some sleep (ha!).

  8. I use Mary Kay eyeliner. It’s the only kind I’ve ever found that doesn’t smudge or just wear off by the end of the day. I will never go back to the store brand! :)
    Katie @ simply[his] recently posted…Consider it JoyMy Profile

  9. Amy T. says:

    Ooh.. I know this one! Urban Decay”s 24/7 eyeliner pencil. It is so smooth and gives you just enough time to smudge, then stays put. I love my Rockstar! You might look good in Mildew – that’s not an insult!

  10. JackieF says:

    Jill. Go to Bobbi Brown Woodland and get a free lesson on long wearing Gel Eye Liner.
    It’s fabulous.

  11. I love Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner

    I always have better luck with anything that I can apply with a brush, the pencils just don’t do it for me, and this is long lasting so I don’t look like a scary raccoon!
    Jen @ Creating Chaos Blog recently posted…The Gym: Lessons in not drowning.My Profile

  12. Funny…I was asked recently by 2 friends what kind I use…seems everyone is in search. I’d instead ask about eye shadow, as mine never seems to stick :/ So if you have any advice….

    As for eye liner. I’ve used the same kind since I was probably 15…and it is so often sold out of stores, that I almost fear telling others about it…but for you ;) …it’s Maybeline Unstoppable Waterproof Smudgeproof. I personally stick with Onyx, although it’s available in a wide array of colors :) Good luck!

  13. I use Mary Kay eye liner and like it MUCH. I always use black eye liner and a gray eye color. I have blue eyes and I “think” it makes them look good. You just twist up more color instead of sharpening or all that. It stays on nicely and goes on smoothly. I’ve used it for years.

    BUT, you should go try bare minerals at the mall and have them so your colors. Sue Cramer did that recently and is raving about how wonderful it is to have good colors that look great on your eyes and she loves the make up.

    A friend got me Sephora eyeliner in all sorts of shades. I haven’t seen how much one would normally cost but I have to say, for a pencil you have to sharpen, these are pretty awesome.

    I need mascara so now I am looking at your old blog post. Thanks! :)
    Denise D. recently posted…Home Front AudioMy Profile

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