Embracing Our Inner Athlete

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Legend has it that once upon a time there was an unathletic girl who attempted to break that mold. Since team sports were out, lest she torture other people who actually were athletes, she went out for the cross country team. Which was interesting since she didn’t really like to break a sweat or you know….. run.

Legend also has it that the at the first actual meet she discovered yet again how much she disliked running. And so when she spotted a cluster of trees up ahead she went in said cluster and “fell” limping her way out the other side. Thankfully her “injury” kept her out a few meets and then continued to “flare up” from time to time.

But somehow despite all that I, I mean the girl in the legend, discovered as an adult that she actually doesn’t mind sweating so much. She loves kickboxing because it makes her feel like she could kick some butt in street fight. And Pilates has become her happy place. Running though? Yeah, still not really a fan. But she has found that if she doesn’t break a sweat a few times a week she loses her sanity.

Many years later (well not THAT many years because she is still very, very young) she would have a daughter who is like her in so many ways. So imagine her surprise when her daughter came and asked her for running shoes so she could start running. Like on purpose.

Her daughter went out for her school’s running team and seems to be enjoying going every week. Mostly because she is waiting for the week where they practice throwing the spear {javelin}, but she is still going every week. And last week her mother went to check out her practice, so proud of her daughter and her athletic aspirations.

She sat and watched all the runners run by and wondered what happened to her daughter. Maybe she wasn’t running this one? Then as she was about to give up she saw her daughter and a friend slowly running up the hill. As her daughter caught her eye she flung herself to the ground and wailed, “Mom, I can’t possibly run anymore!!!” (it is possible we are more cut out for drama) But darn it if she didn’t pick herself up and finish. Yeah, she walked a bit and complained a lot (truth, see drama above), but she finished.

Since it seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and perhaps athletics aren’t our strong suit, I really want to encourage Lily in pursuing her inner athlete. Encourage her to know that being the best isn’t the thing. But just trying and persevering is the thing. And that the most important thing is finding something you have fun doing. And then kicking butt at it in your own way.


I am beyond excited to announce that this Friday Nike will be hosting Lily and I for the Nike Young Athletes Innovation Summit on Friday. We might not be the best athletes there, but I am so excited to take one more step on the journey to help Lily embrace trying new things that she isn’t naturally great at. She is already asking about tennis and volleyball so we are going to jump before she gets discouraged or hears she isn’t good enough.

I am seriously giddy with excitement to travel with my daughter. I crave one on one time with her so this is such a gift to me. And we get to hear all about Kids Nike FREE Run: If your feet flex, shouldn’t your shoes flex too? Must-have flexibility for young feet. Sounds great for my little track star.

I can’t wait to share with you everything I learn. I will be tweeting and Facebooking (oh whatever spell check, you know that is a word) live from the event on Friday and recapping in a blog post as well. So stay tuned!

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Nike via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Nike.


  1. How exciting. I loved tennis as a kid, but my parents were never really into sports, so it never happened for me until much later. So glad that you are encouraging her and stepping out of your own comfort zone. Have a great time!

  2. I’m so excited for you guys!!!

  3. This sounds fantastic! Oh I wish I could do something like this with my oldest. Our relationship seems very similar to yours with your daughter. I hope y’all have a fantastic weekend.
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  4. As a parent of 4 kids form the suburbs I can estimate that 90% of parents can be seen at school events. little league games etc. When our school goes to the city to play we have by far more parents present on the visitors side of the field. We have uncles, aunts grandparents, neighbours as well.

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