I am sitting on the couch tonight marveling over the fact that eleven years ago I wasn’t yet a mom. Then I woke up the next morning and suddenly everything changed. Just like that, Lily made me a mom. It seems fitting because she is the child that continues to stretch me the most, grow me the most, and often teach me the most.

It seems like forever ago since she started middle school but it has actually been less than a month. The changes in her are staggering. She is growing like a weed, her foot size almost matches mine, and she is just blossoming into this lovely young woman. I spent my junior high years desperately trying to figure out who the heck I wanted to be, who the heck I was. It seems as though she is starting her junior high years figuring our exactly who she is and feeling completely comfortable in her own skin. I know this will waver, but she continues to amaze me at how unashamedly HER she is.

Sometimes I catch a look at her in my rear view mirror and I am not sure at who I am looking at. In her I see both the little girl she has always been and some version of who is she becoming. She has begun serving in our Sunday School at church and she seems so grown up working with the little kids. But then there are times when she is so silly and cuddly that I forget that she is fast approaching her teens.

It is a fascinating time. I admit I have dreaded these years, worried I would be stuck with some snotty, bratty overly hormonal mess of a child. And those moments certainly exist. Yowza. But thankfully the moments are far outweighed by this delightful, mature, hilarious girl who right now I can’t get enough of.

Happy birthday sweet Lily. I am so grateful you made me a mom. I can’t wait to see who you become this year.

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