Eight Years of Joy

Today my sweet Hannah turns eight. Which can’t be right at all because just yesterday she was a baby.

Hannah is a true middle child. Easy going. Seemingly always happy (although on the rare occasion that she isn’t? YOWZA). Filled with joy. Surrounded by friends that she makes with little to no effort. Her sweet smile can light up a room.

She delights in her family. And ever more so in her friends. She is a social butterfly and rarely meets a person she doesn’t like or who doesn’t like her. This last year she has solidified some besties and when they are together the giggling is off the charts. This girl loves to giggle.

Like her sister before her, Hannah has fully embraced a love of reading. She will often retreat to her room to curl up with a book. And rare is the moment when there isn’t a song on her lips. She loves to sing all day every day. And while she loves Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson like a typical 8 yo, she truly loves to worship God. I will often stumble upon her just singing a praise song no matter where she is or what she is doing.

Eight is a big year in our house because it is the year our girls get to get their ears pierced. Not for any particular reason. It is just an arbitrary date we picked when Lily turned 8 and it stuck. But I love that we do it at this age because they get to wait for it and anticipate it and Hannah is so excited. And I think she will handle it like a champ.

Because while Hannah is girly and sensitive she is also tough. She has always had this high pain threshold and shakes off the toughest of injuries. One of her favorite places is on the soccer field with her dad as her coach. And just last week she told me she wants to either be a professional soccer player or a teacher when she grows up. Which is fitting because she also can often be found up in her room teaching an imaginary classroom.

It is an absolute delight being Hannah’s mom. She makes parenting so easy. Thankfully I have the other two to keep me honest or I would think I am doing everything exactly right. I can’t wait to see what eight brings for Hannah. Whatever it brings for her, I think I know what it will bring for the rest of us. Piles upon piles of more joy at being in Hannah’s life.

Happy birthday my sweet girl!

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