Ebooks Are The New Black

So all the cool girls have an eBook.Bet you didn’t know that I have plans for an eBook. Then again I have had those plans since 2010. So keep holding your breath.

Anyway, I enjoy the eBook. I get a snippet of information for a good price and it goes into a folder so I can look at it at anytime. And I can easily read them on my phone (or tablet- someday I WILL have a tablet). At first I thought they were goofy, but now I am on board. I am officially and eBook fan.

With back to school right around the corner there are some great eBooks you definitely want to get to make re-entry back into the world of routines, early mornings, and clothing battles.


First a bunch of smart bloggers have gotten together and joined their eBook forces to give you the Back to School Boost for Moms. Five eBooks bundled together for the bargain price of $10 (reg. price $28.95). You can get:

Now, here is the catch. The $10 price is only good Aug. 1-8th. So you will want to jump on that price cause it is a great deal for all this content. These are books that have been around for awhile and proven themselves as top sellers. Act now and I will throw in an extra kid for the school year (granted tomorrow I might feel differently….)

Second, is a book for the non-photogs out there. I bought a semi nice camera this year. not a super fancy one. But still, pretty nice for a point and shoot. But I’ll be darned if that thing is getting used. Since Instagram came to Android I am a camera phone junkie. So I would I would like to think I will be armed with my fancy camera on the first day of school, but let’s be honest, it will be at home on the counter and I will just have my trusty phone.

iPhone Photography: The Visual Guide by Alli Worthington

The brilliant Alli Worthington of Blissdom fame has recently released iPhone Photography: The Visual Guide. 

Yes it is written for the iPhone so there are definitely things that aren’t applicable to my Android phone, but I still learned a lot by reading it. And if you have an iPhone and want to use it to take amazing pictures, this book is a must have.

Not only does Alli tell you what apps you need to be a stunning phone photographer, she also tells you which apps to skip wasting your money on. It will also help you with editing, making collages, and most importantly making yourself look pretty (yes, I am vain- moving on). Totally worth the $9.97 it costs.

I haven’t even had a chance to fully explore the depths of this book but I love it. It is not only helping me take better pics with my phone but also better pictures in general. You know, just in case I ever break out my actual camera….

Are you a fan of eBooks?

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