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WFMW    I hate lunch. I am pretty sure that phrase has been issued a time or two on this blog because it is so very true. Every day it arrives and I think, “Ugh, not you again.” It isn’t the kids, they are easy. Peanut butter and jelly, lather, rinse, repeat. It is me. I am the problem.

First off, I hate leftovers. And hate might not be strong enough. Secondly, I am not a fan of sandwiches. Actually I like a grilled cheese or BLT from time to time, but in general do not enjoy lunchmeat very much. So usually it comes down to a bowl of cereal or an apple with a handful of pita chips. It isn’t pretty.

But recently I came upon and ingenious idea to make my lunchtime work a little better. We have tacos almost every week because it is one of the few things I can make that everyone likes, is relatively healthy and doesn’t require any fancy ingredients. So when I make tacos I double the meat and save half for a week of lunches. (I use this taco seasoning recipe to avoid MSG and other nasty stuff in the store bought kind)

Then for several days during the week I simply throw some lettuce in a bowl. I top it with some warmed up leftover taco meat and cheese. Then for dressing I either mix together some salsa and sour cream and we have ourselves a salad. If I really want to get fancy I will make some of this AMAZING Avocado Aioli from Naturally Knocked Up (seriously, it is to die for).

It is easy and tasty and I have yet to become sick of it. So let’s just say it is “working for me now” until I get bored and go back to eating a slice of toast.

Tell me please. What do you eat for lunch?

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  1. Jessica says:

    I hate lunch too! I usually have a protein bar or some fruit.

  2. Ha, we just had taco salad for dinner! :) Only we had crushed tortilla chips topped with rice, lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, seasoned ground beef n onions, and cheese smothered in salsa/sour cream/ranch/chili powder dressing. YUMMM!!
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  3. One of the things I eat that seems kind of goofy but that I really like is imitation crab meat. It’s a very lean protein and low-calorie. I pair it with a few crackers and some fruit, and it’s just right for me.

    Another favorite is just some good-quality sliced cheese, a few crackers, and some fruit.

    I’m not much help, though, since I’m a huge fan of leftovers. :)
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  4. Thanks for the taco seasoning recipe. We use taco seasoning quite a bit. :)

    My WFMW I actually wrote on Tuesday, but is a review of an iPhone app and then a giveaway which is a $50 value. Spread the word if anyone’s interested. It’s used for easy and private video sharing from your phone. :) http://www.just1step.com/2011/03/kinkast-review-and-giveaway.html
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  5. Nikki says:

    I could easily eat tacos every day for lunch–especially in salad form!

    We usually have a tortilla every day for lunch as there’s so much I can make with those that the kiddos and I will both eat. Monday we usually have leftover tacos (we usually have “crunchy” tacos on the weekend). Tuesday is usually veggie burrito day (with homemade guacamole in them–gotta use the guac up). Wednesdays (today): personal pizzas with a tortilla as the crust (and I usually use the leftover veggies from the burritos as toppings). Thursdays I’ll cave and make ham and cheese quesadillas (w/pineapple on top if I’m feeling festive) and Friday we have my personal favorite—Grilled chicken caesar wraps! num…..

  6. We make bean and cheese tacos most every day. My kids are super easy and at lunch I am super lazy. But if I could make some taco meat a head of time and then reheat I’d be all over taco salad at lunch. Like for realz.
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  7. I hate lunchtime too, but I have the opposite problem. Me, I can (and do) eat a peanut butter sandwich every day (followed by Doritos) but my kids insist on variety. Darn them! ;-) My son only eats 4 proteins so I rotate them or let him choose (chicken nuggets, quesadilla, hamburger, sunbutter and jelly sandwich); my daughter likes various lunch meats, chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and peanut butter. She’s easier because her diet is larger BUT she is a picky 2y.o. so one day she LOVES salami, the next day she won’t touch it–hard to keep up with.

    Glad you found something that’s working for you! Oh, when I was pregnant and avoiding nuts (so I couldn’t have my daily sandwich, and I too hate lunch meat and most leftovers), I would eat hot dogs, breaded chicken patties (like Tyson) either alone or on a bun, or pizza bread (bread+sauce+cheese in the oven for 5 minutes).
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  8. I went off grain for awhile and ate quite a few taco salads myself–I prefer it to tortilla filled tacos now! We eat anything I don’t have to cook! I do make a batch of quinoa every few days, and mix it with whatever fruit/veg is around. Kids usually eat cold plates of fruit/veg, cheese or yogurt, and bread.
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  9. Britiney says:

    Why is it that when you decide to make something from scratch you find it necessary to tear down your previous way of eating and those who still choose to eat that way. Instead of saying, “I like this recipe because it’s yummy” you have to say “I like this recipe because the other stuff is crap” which implies that anyone who eats that is an idiot. We all make personal choices every day. Just because someone chooses to used packaged taco seasoning mix to make their tacos at home rather than drive their family down the street to Taco Time doesn’t mean their worthy of condemnation. How about we celebrate the small victories rather than standing on our high horses so we can look down on everyone else. Just an idea. Anyone who’s curious about *why* you like to make your own can certainly ask you. Most people know that pre-packaged anything isn’t going to stand up nutritionally to something you can make at home, but can’t we just cut each other a little slack and avoid the condemning tone? Just a thought.

    • I am so sorry my words offended you. I am passionate about the changes in the way our family is eating, but I realize that passion can sometimes cross the line into preachy. That was not my intent. Sorry.

  10. abba12 says:

    I had the same problem, but with morning sickness that got severe when I didn’t eat throughout the entire pregnancy, I had to eat lunch. Here’s my favourite recepie, sorry I don’t have any amounts, I just guess it. I can only suggest that you put more in until it looks right. I used to make a big batch once a week.

    1. cook brown rice
    2. (optional) chop and cook through some chicken in a pan
    3. take chicken out and put diced onion in pan until it starts to brown
    4. to the onion, add some capsicum (peppers?), kidney beans (or any beans you like, pinto, black, etc) and frozen corn and heat through
    5. now take your brown rice and pour plenty of salsa into it (apparently you can replace the water for salsa in a rice cooker so the salsa flavour goes right through, but I never bother)
    6. combine the rice mixture, the chicken, and the vegetable mix altogether and enjoy

    Mum also used to do brown rice, tinned tuna and diced tomato for lunch

    Take the rice, and pour salsa into it

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