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I don’t get back to my hometown in Iowa very often but last year I headed back for my 20 year high school reunion (WHAT??!!). The landscape of Iowa, which is typically cornfield after cornfield was suddenly dotted with wind farms. And I gotta say. They were beautiful. It got me super curious about wind farms. Then I recently read that Michigan has several of their own. Wind power is the new cool kid in town.

I am not quite a hippy tree hugger, but I definitely think we should continue to pursue renewable energy sources. And I am happy to live in a state that is committed to alternative energy. Xcel Energy is the #1 top provider of wind power solutions in Colorado, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and New Mexico.


1399903216000-xcel-energyThrough Windsource, Xcel Energy’s electric customers can purchase renewable energy, generated above and beyond the renewable energy in our standard energy supply. For as little as $1.20 per month, in addition to the electricity charges you would otherwise pay, you can enjoy the benefits of wind power. As a consumer of energy, I get to feel good that I am making a choice that is good for the environment. Business customers can use their Windsource participation toward LEED certification points, as well as displaying an overall green sensibility and respect for the environment.

The best part is I can choose exactly how much energy I want to get from Windsource. You can start with one block per month, which is the equivalent of 100 kilowatt-hours of electricity, or about enough electricity to power the lights in a typical home for a month. You can even choose to get 100% of your energy from Windsource. The best part? The wind power energy that you purchase is generated above and beyond what they are already doing in each state so your purchase directly increases the amount of renewable energy in each state.

Xcel Energy understands that our future is in renewable energy services. Wind is in abundance and it is time to harness its power. Not only that but wind farms increase local economic development for rural communities including jobs, tax revenue and income for landowners. It is really a win for everyone involved. I’m grateful that Windsource makes it so easy for me to make a difference.

If you’re in Colorado, Minnesota, New Mexico, Wisconsin, or Michigan you can call Xcel Energy at 1-800-895-4999 or visit ResponsibleByNature.com/Windsource to enroll.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Xcel Energy. The opinions and text are all mine.


  1. Very cool! I don’t know anything, really, about wind energy but I agree that the windmills in Iowa are pretty. Thanks for sharing this info with us!
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  2. I would totally sign up for this if I lived there!

  3. I think that is cool and I wish we had it in Ohio. WHO KNEW!? This is why I read your blog, see? For the LEARNING!

  4. Chris says:

    There is a lot of controversy re: wind farms. As someone who stares out the window at them, I do not find them beautiful. They are intriguing and massive but not beautiful. They are so expensive to erect and maintain that they will never pay for themselves…at least the ones in our area. I’m not opposed to green energy but looking at it daily gives a different perspective, especially when confronted with the negative issues associated with them. However, I did find your post interesting because I did not know that we could purchase the energy that we are watching generated. Makes it seem a bit more practical as opposed to sending it all elsewhere.

  5. That is so interesting. I mean, truly. I think there is something so peaceful and beautiful about those wind farms. I didn’t even know that that’s what they were called. Interesting that Chris feels the opposite. I also didn’t know about purchasing renewable energy. I’m in PA so it’s not here yet. Thanks for filling us in! :-)
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