12 Delicious Easter Sunday Dinner Recipes

Can you believe Easter is only a month away? Where is time going? And doesn’t Easter usually come in spring? Cause around these parts it still looks like we are smack dab in the middle of winter?

In an effort to get a  jump start on my Easter planning, I used the fabulous Foodie.com to compile some mouth watering recipes for Easter dinner. I focused on the main dish because that seems to be the most overwhelming and once you get that figured out other things fall into place.

I included several recipes for ham, because it is Easter and that is what people eat. But can I make a confession? I am not so big on the ham. There are so many more delicious ways to partake of a pig. #bacon

So I included recipes for lamb, beef, pork, chicken. I even included a delicious brunch option and a few vegetarian options as well. Some of complicated because that is how I like to do the holidays because I am insane. But many are super easy and low fuss in case you are smarter than me and want to keep things low key.

What is on your Easter menu?

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Foodie.com

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