Drive 4 Pledges Day #ItCanWait

This post is part of a sponsored series by AT&T. As always all opinions are mine.

If you have been reading my blog this summer you know I have partnered with AT&T to spread the word about the dangers of texting and driving. I have confessed that I am guilty of driving distracted with email and texting. I have shared with you about the great app from AT&T that lets people know you can’t respond to texts while you drive. And I have shared some powerful movies about people whose lives were changed forever based on a split second decision to check a text while driving.


Sept. 19th is Drive 4 Pledges day. Today is the day for you all to get involved and spread the word about why you aren’t going to text and drive anymore. Take your pledge and make sure you post it to Facebook. Add a twibbon to your Facebook or Twitter profile. Post on Twitter why you won’t be texting and driving and use the hashtag #ItCanWait.


Or take a picture of your pledge on Instagram and hashtag it #ItCanWait.

#ItCanWait should be trending everywhere tomorrow. There are over 2000 events taking place across the country. All four cell phone carriers are banding together to spread the message. They are also partnering with over 200 other organizations and companies. Athletes, celebrities and world famous bloggers (wink, wink) are all joining in!

As I sit in traffic and look around at the amount of people on their phones I think this message just can’t be spread enough. And I frankly still need the reminder because the pull of that silly thing is strong. My best defense against texting and driving has been my kids. Not only are they not worth risking for any text, but they know I have been working with AT&T to get the message out and are my personal accountability partners. I can’t get anything by those guys!! “MOM PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE!!!!”

So far over 1 million people have taken the pledge. No text is worth dying for. Join the movement. Today is the day. #ItCanWait

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