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We all know we are supposed to drink a lot of water right? I hope you know that. But I find it next to impossible to get my recommended water intake tackled every day. I have some roadblocks.

I like my water super cold. And we don’t have one of those fancy schmancy refrigerators that dispenses cold water. I don’t really like to pay for water although I find I drink more when I can just grab a bottle out of the fridge. And going to the trouble of getting ice and a glass and getting water from the tap? Seriously, I am far too lazy for all that. This is someone who often drinks milk out of the carton because I can’t be bothered to walk across the kitchen for a glass. Yes, I am lazy. I think that is well established.

But lately I have been drinking a ton of water during the day. And the reason came in the form of a vegetable I found at my CSA.


Every day I throw a few slices in a pitcher, fill it with water and put it in the fridge. Yes, I could have been keeping water in the fridge all this time but I am a slow learner. But the addition of the cucumber is so incredibly refreshing. It’s like being at a spa! And it makes me want more and more water. I seriously can’t get enough.

I am not sure I am totally where I am supposed to be (you can tell if you are drinking enough water if your pee is clear- you’re welcome). But I know I am drinking a lot more and I know that is a very good thing.

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  1. My husband says I’m part fish. I drinks tons of water. Oddly enough, the more water I drink, the more I want. I became really water vigilant when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. Then I stuck with it while nursing. I got pregnant with my second before I weaned, so I kept drinking. Nowadays, with the exception of my daily cup of joe, I only drink water. Occasionally I might have a coke. Which is immediately followed by drinking tons of water to flush out the coke {I’m weird, I know}.

    Whew, all this water talk has made me thirsty!
    Sarah recently posted…Signs of Fall? Or, I Miss Iowa in the Autumn – a Top TenMy Profile

  2. I’ve heard about cucumber in water before, but I’ve never tried it. I just might have to give it a try sometime. You made it sound delicious!
    Angie @ Many Little Blessings recently posted…10 Reasons My Kids Like Being HomeschooledMy Profile

  3. I like to bruise a few leaves of mint and squeeze in some lime. That makes the water a little more fun for me.
    Susie Finkbeiner recently posted…Sharon & Myra: Part 1My Profile

  4. Years ago I started drinking out of quart mason jars – that way it’s easy to count the ounces at the end of the day. I always add something – mint, lime and will be trying cukes!
    Liberty recently posted…This fall is for FamilyMy Profile

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