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Project #unspoiling (yeah, I gave it a hashtag, feel free to use it) is going pretty well. We still have a long way to go, but I have been consistently cracking down on respect issues and helping out more around the house.

Let’s just say I haven’t cleaned a bathroom in weeks. #winning (stole that one)

The kids have been remarkably awesome about doing chores. They grumble a little at times, but for the most part they pitch in and do a pretty good job.

I of course have been patting myslf on the back for my superior mothering skills. Only two weeks in and my kids are cleaning toilets without complaint. I mean surely this qualifies me for mother of the year (we will not be talking about the recent night when Hannah took a big sip of my gin and tonic and proclaimed it “yummy fizzy water).

Tonight when Ryan got home from work he asked the kids about their day. They proudly proclaimed that they had dusted and cleaned his bathroom (while I laid on the couch and ate bon bons of course). Ryan told them how proud he was of them for helping out around the house.

Lily smiled big and said, “I know. And only two more weeks because you told us that if we showed that we were responsible around the house for a month we could get a dog.”


Apparently in their weekly quest to get a dog, Ryan had mentioned that they would have to show a lot of responsibility around the house before we could get one. Which of course translates into “Help your mom for a month and the dog is yours!!!”

So much for mother of the year. Although I should win something for not letting them know that their little plan has no hope of succeeding. I mean I HAVEN’T CLEANED A BATHROOM IN WEEKS!!!!!!

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