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Before I had kids I carried dainty little purses that carried a wallet, a lip gloss and a phone (flip of course). Then you have kids and you begin to carry around a bag that is bigger than your baby. As your kids get older you try as hard as you can to downsize, but everywhere I go kids (and husbands) are handing me all sorts of things to carry.

Anything I can do to get junk out of my purse, I am jumping on it. So when I found out I could lighten my load a bit with a simple app on my phone, I was all “Sign. Me. Up.”

Softcard is a free app that allows you to pay at select retailers with your phone. You can store your credit cards on the app and when you see this logo (at over 200,000 locations nationwide), you can use your Softcard app to pay for your groceries, your gas, your prescription and your clothes. Simply tap your card to the icon and you are done. Crazy easy.

softcard checkout


Security is obviously a top concern if I am going to load credit card information into a phone that is so easily lost or stolen. But the app is protected by a pin that you select. So as long as you are smart about picking your pin, no one should be able to get your information. It is actually much harder to steal than all your cards sitting there in your wallet.


When I signed up for Softcard I also signed up for a Serve account through American Express. Verizon customers with an American Express Serve® Account in the Isis Wallet can get $20 back after you spend $40 or more on one purchase with your Serve Account through 9/30/2014. Money back for purchases I would already be making? Um, yes please!

AMEx Serve

Not only that, but you can also store your loyalty cards on the app. I don’t have that many credit/ debit cards, but I have those dang loyalty cards coming out my….. well you know. They are constantly falling out of my wallet all over my purse and I would love to ditch them all. Now I can. When I am at my favorite store that has a loyalty card, I simply use the app. No overstuffed wallet. No ridiculous key chain with 50 cards attached.

There are also always shopping deals that apply when you use your Softcard. Right now you can take advantage of these awesome deals:

  • White House Black Market $20 off $80 (ends 10/31)
  • Osh Gosh 20% off $40 or more (ends 9/30)
  • Chico’s $25 off $100 or more (ends 10/31)
  • Carter’s 20% off $40 or more (ends 9/30)

Softcard Twitter Party

Want to learn even more about Softcard and how it can simplify your life? Join us for a Twitter party on Thursday, Sept. 25th from 12-1pm. Follow the #paywithmyphone hashtag!

Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Verizon Wireless and I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The Softcard related content is provided by Verizon Wireless. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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