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So you might remember that last year I was a Frigidaire Mom and got a fabulous washer and dryer to use for my family. I wrote a bunch of posts about things I loved about it, but I recently discovered one that might be the best one of all. It has seriously made me giddy.

I discovered the delayed wash cycle. Or course I saw it when we first got the machine, but I paid no attention because why would I need to delay my wash. Unless of course by delay it meant that I could delay it until the laundry fairy showed up and did it all for me. But that never seemed to happen.

So the real reason you use delayed wash cycle is to avoid the following. It is 11 o’clock and you are cursing the fact you stayed up way to late playing on Twitter again. You drag your tired self up the stairs and give slight thought to what you might wear tomorrow. It is then you realize you don’t have a single pair of clean underwear and you REALLY don’t want to stay up to do a load. But you also don’t want to run a load tonight and let the wet clothes sit in the wash all night getting a bit funky.

So you throw clothes in the wash and add the soap. And then set the timer to start the wash in the morning while you are still sleeping so that it finishes near the time you wake up. Once you wake up the wash is done, you throw it in the dryer and you have warm undies right as you are about to walk out the door. Win! Seriously, I am so in love with this feature.

Now I have had this on the schedule to talk about for a bit even though I am not under any formal obligation to still sing the praises of my Frigidaire. But then, I received some information about a great new partnership between Frigidaire and Save the Children I wanted to let you know about. Frigidaire has launched the Kids’ Cooking Academy, complete with recipes, tips, and ideas for cooking with your children. So every time you visit the Kids’ Cooking Academy through 4/25/2011, Frigidaire will donate $1 to Save the Children (up to $40k).

If you have ever cooked with children, you know you need a washer and dryer big time. For the kids, for you, for the people you have to hire to pull you down off the ceiling where you have climbed as your kids fight over who got to pour more. Yeah, I tend to leave the cooking with the kids thing to Grandma. But I take care of the laundry….and with some arm twisting I can polish off a cookie…….or two.

Disclosure: Last year I received a washer and dryer from Frigidaire. I recently received a gift card to use on a baking project with my kids. All opinions and my love of the delayed wash cycle are all mine.

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  1. I wish my washer had that feature! I’d use it all the time. I’ve read articles where “they” say that you can wash something at bedtime & dry it first thing in the morning, but that never turns out well in real life.
    Jeni recently posted…Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs without taking a cruise in the CaribbeanMy Profile

  2. I big heart my delay wash. Use it all the time overnight. Makes my job so much easier!
    Sarah recently posted…Austin’s Snowpocalypse 2011My Profile

  3. I SO want delayed wash now….never heard of such a thing.
    Sarah recently posted…Family Dollar Deals 2-8-2-27-11My Profile

  4. That does sound like a great feature! Thanks for sharing :)
    LaVonne recently posted…Trusting GodMy Profile

  5. I totally love my delay wash as well. Such a great innovation :)
    Fifth Street Mama recently posted…Real Life LearningMy Profile

  6. What a great feature. I sometimes have to get up early to do some wash just because I didn’t want to stay up late. Good feature to look for on my next machine.
    susan recently posted…4 Baking Tips to Make Your Time in the Kitchen a Little Easier WFMWMy Profile

  7. Sigh. The laundry fairy never comes here, either. You know, I always wondered why I’d care if the washer had that feature, but you bring up a good point…. Now to see if my washer has that feature…
    Christina recently posted…Making a Memory game- that isMy Profile

  8. Great idea!
    Liberty recently posted…Winter TreatMy Profile

  9. O.K. this question proves that I do WAYYYYYY too much laundry however, here it is; sometimes when clothes and laundry detergent sit on each other too long they get a nasty detergent stain. How do you avoid this with the delay cycle? Or do you pour it in and your magic washing machine pours it in when the water pours in?

    Curious minds want to know. Oh, and you were rocking your cute T at the gym today. Way.to.go. And damn that laundry fairy that never shows up.
    Laurie recently posted…Guest BloggerMy Profile

  10. DANG I need a new washer and dryer! I want a TEAL set :)
    Amanda – VintageDutchGirl recently posted…Nautical FashionMy Profile

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