Defying the Stereotypes

girl scientist

It is the first day of summer break here. Which means it is the first day of me signing my kids up for VBS at the neighborhood church so they are entertained by someone other than me. Ok so that isn’t completely true. We got a postcard in the mail about this VBS last year and on a whim I signed Lily up and she loved it. I was so impressed with it that I stalked their website this year waiting to sign her up again.

Part of this particular VBS is signing up for an elective that you will do every afternoon. Last year Lily signed up to do puppetry and played an adorable owl in the final production the last day of camp. This year puppetry was not an option.

As we stood in the sign up line today the woman signing her up ran through the options of electives. There was choir, art, dance, drama. Mostly artsy things because their VBS has an art focus. The woman said to Lily, “You want to do dance? Dance is so fun. You want to be a dancer this week? Or maybe drama?”

My daughters are girly through and through. They love dress up, dancing, singing, and princesses. The shun getting dirty, bugs, sports and Star Wars. But sometimes they surprise me.

“Science” Lily piped up. “I want to do science.”

She made her girly girl, makeup and clothes loving, dress wearing, sports hating, biology major mama so very proud.

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