Decisions, Decisions…..

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As a mom I make a million little decisions. Cherry or strawberry jelly? Battle over mismatched outfit or not? Clean the toilet or take a nap?

p.s. I chose nap. Every time.

There is a decision in my future. I have exactly a week to decide. Because a week from today, school starts. And the questions is….. will I sign up to be room mom in either of my kid’s classrooms.

Lily will be a third grader this year and Hannah is starting “big girl” school as a kindergartner. Let us just pause for a moment and ask, how the heck did this happen???

I was room mom last year for Lily and it was actually quite fun. I got to know her classmates and teacher better. The responsibilities weren’t too overwhelming. And I felt involved in their school lives.

But this is also my first year home with just Silas. I am so looking forward to all that little man time. And this is the first year I have two kids at their school. So how do I decide who to be room parent from. Since I have already done Lily’s class I feel like maybe I should do Hannah’s room. But I know the kindergarten room parent has a lot more work because the parent’s volunteer for a lot.

I’m a little bit hoping when I get to the open house sign up sheet the spots are already taken. What do you think? Is the title “room parent” in my future? And should I rock, paper, scissors which kid to chose?

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This post was compensated by Bounce and One2One Network. As always love of Bounce Bars and inability to make decisions are all mine.


  1. I am so so glad you choose nap over toilet. Having three at home and only one in school gives me an automatic pass in my mind to be homeroom Mom. Enjoy your boy, then you can put on your cape and do all three some year! Ha!
    Jamie (@chosenchaos) recently posted…be your guestMy Profile

  2. When I had 2 in elementary school – I alternated, but was involved in BOTH of their classrooms. When Olivia hit kindergarten – Payton was in 4th grade – so I had already been her homeroom mom for 4 years! I did it for Olivia’s kindergarten class – and was a co-homeroom mom for Payton. It worked – and Payton totally understood that it was Olivia’s turn. Sophia was at home during this time and she LOVED going to the parties and to help in classroom! That worked too – because it made the transition into kindergarten slightly easier because sis (and mom!) was around a lot – that wasn’t exactly exciting for the 4th grader :) Whatever you choose will be perfect – you just have to choose what works for you and your family!

  3. Sarah L says:

    I think you could sit out a year or two and then be room mom in 2nd grade again for your 2nd daughter. Then, eventually 2nd grade room mom for your son. It could be your tradition?

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