Crying it Out


I have said more than once on this blog that raising Lily is like raising a small version of myself. Sometimes that makes it easy. Sometimes it makes it very hard.

But one of the ways we are quite alike is that we aren’t big fans of emotion. Well the good, happy ones I enjoy. But the sad ones, the ones that bring about the ugly cry? Not a fan. So I avoid them at all costs.

I am a pretty upbeat person. So is Lily. Definitely half full kind of people. But at the same time sometimes crap happens.

We will fight it. Which usually makes the whole thing uglier when it goes down. Throw in a couple of nights with too little sleep and you have a recipe for a meltdown.

So when I came in her room after some tough discipline tonight it didn’t surprise me that she was in (rare) tears. And as she tried to verbalize her feelings it was one of those strings that once pulled begins to unweave and unweave. And it ended with her telling me, “I just can’t stop crying.”

So I did the only thing I knew to do. Woman to woman, I told her to cry. She might as well learn early, sometimes a girl just needs a good cry.


  1. Oh this is so true. A good cry helps relieve tension and stress!
    jubilee recently posted…The Tale of Christmas Trees PastMy Profile

  2. Oh, that’s a hard (but important) lesson to learn. I cry easily, truth be told, and get over it quickly. My children have “caught” me crying and I’m trying to use it as a lesson that it’s okay. It’s okay if that’s how you need to vent/process/cope sometimes. But it’s hard for me to let them see that part of me.

  3. Woman always cry. The weakness that emotionally hit by pain is the feelings and tear will be follow. I don’t have any idea, why girls always cry.
    Ghena recently posted…puffy eyes from cryingMy Profile

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