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sprout1   A while back I told you all that I was going to be partnering with Sprout as one of their Band of Bloggers. If you haven’t discovered this channel yet, you must see if you get it. So much quality kid’s programming and they are a favorite of mine because NO COMMERCIALS. I hate it when my kids watch Nick or Disney channel and come around asking for all sorts of ridiculous toys that have no business even existing. Anyway, I wanted to let you know about a couple of things going on over at Sprout so you can jump on board.

  1. Sprout recently added “The Wiggles” to their line up. I have been a long time fan of the Wiggles, back to even before I had kids because, in my opinion, they were one of the first shows geared towards kids who really got them up off the couch and moving. To celebrate the Wiggles coming to Sprout, they are running a contest over on Sprout’s Facebook fan page to win a Ninento Wii (pick me, pick me!!) To enter, take a picture of your preschooler making their most “wiggly face” and submit it over here. Then tell everyone you know to vote for your kid until Oct. 14. There will be weekly winners also who get a Flip video camera (I LOVE mine).
  2. One of my kid’s favorite shows on Sprout is “The Goodnight Show”. We don’t really watch TV at this time of day, but occasionally we will let them watch because they LOVE the host Nina. In fact, I got her to autograph a picture for them at BlogHer and they were off the charts excited. It is a great show because they show a lot of really short cartoon shows that are perfect if you just need a quick wind down before bed. Anyway, the new season starts on the 21st with a brand new show called the Rubbadubbers. Check out a preview over here.
  3. Lastly, and to me the coolest, Sprout has partnered with the Pajama Program with the goal of providing new PJs and books to children who need them. They were hoping to serve 75,000 kids and are almost to their goal, but the deadline of Oct. 1 is drawing near. Sprout will match every dollar you donate so if this is a cause you feel led to give to, head over here for more information. Books are such a huge part of our bedtime routine, I just can’t imagine not being able to provide them for my children.

Make sure to check out Sprout if you are looking for quality children’s shows including Sesame Street, Thomas the Train, Calliou, Bob the Builder, Barney, Dragon Tales and more. If you don’t get the channel and you get On Demand, you can find them there too. If you do have your kids watch Sprout, what is their favorite show? We are currently in a Calliou phase that I am ready to be over. Does that kid bug anyone else?


  1. we LOVE sprout! Unfortunately after we switched to DISH network, I discovered that we can’t seem to get it no matter what channel lineup package we get! I really miss it! :(

  2. What’s NOT to love about Sprout, that should be the question. We’ve been watching the station (and shows On Demand) for two years now. We really miss Jakers! (my hubby, son and I were big fans of the show), but are also hooked on Kipper and The Berenstain Bears.

    btw, my son (who’s 6 now and just started kindergarten), “grew up” watching the Wiggles.
    .-= Just Mom´s last blog ..My Vacuum Exploded, So I Read A Book =-.

  3. Seattle Mom says:

    We’re in a Caillou phase, too. And it doesn’t work anymore when I tell my 2-year-old that Caillou is not on TV and we can’t watch it — he understands that we can get it any time “On Demand!” He’s also hooked on Noddy and really likes the Berenstain Bears and Kipper (not to mention his huge crush on Nina!). Great channel!

  4. Yeah, my son now tries to sound like Caillou when he throws a fit. SO not cool. At all.

  5. Alison says:

    It’s not the kid that drives me nuts, it’s the mom!

    Seattle Mom, My kids know how the dvr works too so that can be a hassle. Ours reverts to whatever channel it was on previously when the recording is over so I try to make sure it is something boring they will be happy to leave. I thought yoga on FITv would do the trick, but my 5 yo loves it!

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