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So if you recall I was in Atlanta last week. And if you followed me on Facebook or on Twitter (where I was really tweeting my head off), you might have caught onto the fact that I was at a conference put on by Coca Cola. It was called Conversations with Coca-Cola but it was so much more than learning about soda.

We were part of a select group of bloggers invited to learn more about their Live Positively program. And oh was I impressed.


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Listen I don’t know how you feel about soda. We personally don’t drink a ton. My hubby would be largest consumer (he is a diet coke man) and I admit I enjoy a root beer from time to time. Mostly when I am out to eat and get a burger or a pizza. Both of those thing demand a soda. My kids however have never had a soda in their life. So that being said, I am sorry to anyone to disagrees, but there are no substitute for Coke products.

That being said, what I was most impressed about wasn’t their drinks (although I kind of fell in love Smart Water- who knew water could taste so good?). What impressed me is what they are committed to as a company. Let me give you a quick run down of some of the awesome things I learned.

  • Coke has the largest hybrid fleet in North America
  • Coke uses 30% plant-based materials nationwide in Dasani bottles with up to 100% plant-based materials in Odwalla (another brand they own which I found to be super yummy)
  • Coke is trying to offset the water use in their packaging process with community water programs all over the world, over 300 worldwide
  • Coke is committed to human rights, no forced or child labor and a safe workplace in all their 206 countries they are found in around the world
  • Coke employees are strongly encouraged to mentor and tutor in their communities.
  • Coke is a big supporter of education through scholarships, training future teachers, and drop out prevention programs
  • Coke works with the Boys and Girls Club of America to promote active lifestyles through Triple Play
  • Coke is committed to not marketing their caloried products to kids. They have taken those products out of the school vending machines.

And my personal favorite commitment: Coca Cola Co has a goal of empowering 5 million women entrepreneurs by 2020.

photo courtesy of babymaking machine

We heard from some of their top women leaders and holy crap, were these impressive women. The fact that Coke is championing them and allowing them to have a balance between their work and their families just made me…… well join hands and teach the world to sing.

Ok so maybe not. But I think Coke is setting the bar high for corporate cultures. And we had some great sessions to grow our own personal blogs and brands. Although I initially was rolling my eyes a bit at the idea of making a vision board (sorry, it is the truth), I ended up loving mine!! It came today and I want to put it somewhere where I can remember to keep finding the joy in my blog and my life.

I am so honored to be asked to join Coke this year. I met some amazing bloggers. Got some seriously awesome food and drinks. Stayed in a gorgeous hotel WITH NO KIDS WAKING ME UP!! And learned a ton. Thanks to Coke for everything.

Disclosure: Coke hosted me for this conference providing travel, accommodations and meals. However as always all opinions are mine.

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