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I have republished this post a few times, but it is always a favorite. Perfect for the beginning of the school year when you are pulling out your hair with clothing battles every morning.

I am wondering if your school mornings look anything like this:

Mommy, I want to wear a dress. No sweetie. Not today. Today we will wear pants. I don’t wanna wear pants, I wanna wear a dress. Ok, here is a nice dress. No, not that dress, that dress it blue. Blue is a boy color. No sweetie, it has flowers on it, boys don’t wear flowers. Blue is for boys, blue is for BOYS!!! Ok, here is a pink dress. I don’t like that color pink. Sweetie you love pink. I love light pink, that is dark pink. But you just wore that dress last week and loved it. Last week I liked dark pink…(mommy found in fetal position in the corner with a bottle of bourbon).

Of course that is a work of fiction. I don’t drink bourbon.

Perhaps while you read it you are thinking to yourself, “This child needs more discipline and order, she shouldn’t be telling her mom what she wants to wear”. To that I throw my head back and laugh. Clearly you have not experienced a strong willed 5yo girl before. There is no reasoning with them when it comes to clothes.

Needless to say, mornings had become very frustrating around here at times and we own an appallingly small amount of pants. Cause pants are for boys. Just so you know.

Well, every year around August, I begin to panic that school is starting and we have to leave the house at 7:30 am everyday to make it there on time. I was panicking for a whole host of reasons, the main one being that I don’t wake up much before 8, but also the clothing thing.

Now, let me just say for the record, I do not claim to have come up with this solution. I am sure I read about it in some magazine or blog. Possibly yours on a previous WFMW. Give yourself credit in the comments. Cause it has revolutionized our mornings.

I went out and bought a closet sweater organizer similar to this one (except without the princesses). Then every Sunday night I put in 6 outfits for the week complete with underpants, shoes and socks. Her end of the deal is that she gets to pick out whatever outfit she wants everyday, but she has to pick one of those outfits. My end of the deal is that on Sunday, she can pick out whatever outfit she wants.

The crazy thing is I have put all sorts of outfits there were previously deemed “unwearable” and she has worn them without complaint. And she gets dressed in the morning without me asking her. She just comes downstairs dressed. Sometimes she has fairy wings on or one of my necklaces around her neck, but I even I am not going to complain about that cause accessorizing is just good fashion sense.

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  1. This is so funny! That is my daughter now and she’s only 3. I’ve found that doing the same, picking 5 outfits and letting her pick whichever she wants for that day works pretty well. Sometimes Fridays are a challenge because there’s no picking on that day. (;

    Great post!

  2. Jennifer Young says:

    Uh, guess what? Boys can be picky too. And, mine is! I love this idea. Thank you so much!!

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