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WFMW Today is a themed Works For Me Wednesday of what doesn’t work. Well I am just not a great cleaner. I want to be. I can’t stand to live in a dirty house. But it seems futile when your kids have destroyed one room while you clean another. And I just can’t seem to stay disciplined about it. But I can’t just sit around and say “Cleaning Doesn’t Work For Me” unless I want to end up on an episode of hoarders.

I am a too-many-times-to-count drop out of the Fly Lady system. Too many darn emails and she pretty much looses me with the whole shoe thing. So I start to tune her out and pretty soon I am off the program. Plus, who has time to clean when I am spending all my time deleting emails?

Last year I tried another program which I actually liked, but it just didn’t fit my house or my needs. So as time went by I starting ignoring things that didn’t apply. Then I started ignoring things that did. Pretty soon I was ignoring the whole darn thing.

You see I can stay on top of the basic stuff. I mean wiping down counters, vacuuming and cleaning toilets pretty much have to be done on a regular basis with three kids. But there is a TON of stuff that just gets overlooked in the day to day life of carpooling, cooking, laundry and um….interneting. I mean let’s be honest, in my life, cleaning is usually going to fall to the bottom of the “to do list”. The very, very…….very bottom. And you can only make your girls play Cinderella so many times before they start to catch on.

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So I was jumping up and down excited when my friend, and fellow sisterchick, Christine from I Dream of Clean came out with an awesome cleaning schedule. And here is why it is awesome. It is just for me. Just. for. me. But wait, it can be just for you too!! Because it is a customizable cleaning schedule. You start with a master list of things that need to be cleaned that are broken down by how often you should be cleaning them. Just that is really eye opening cause I am apparently dropping the ball all over the place. I am pretty confident I have never washed refrigerator coils. Seriously the list is awesome and comprehensive.

Then you plug in tasks to your calendar template and follow it. Yes you have to follow it. Too bad she can’t do that part for me too. But it takes the best of all the systems I have used and overcomes many of the pitfalls. She has really taken into account all sorts of different personalities when she helps you set up the method that works for you. And that works for me. See how I brought it all back around? Blogging geniousness. As is making up words and putting them in your blog.

How much would you pay for such a cleaning system? $19.95? $29.95? Well guess again. It is normally priced at a very affordable $7.99, but right now you can get it for a STEAL at you can get it 50% off by using the code CleanNewYear. The code is good through Jan. 15th, but you know it is one of your resolutions to get this cleaning thing under control so don’t delay. Also you should know that having the system pulled up on your computer for days while you ignore it does NOT get your house clean. Not that I know anything about that……

Affiliate links were used in this post. If you buy the cleaning system I get a little kickback. If you buy the cleaning system you may find a treasure trove of change in your couch cushions. It is a win-win for everyone. This post was also linked to Works For Me Wednesday at We Are That Family.


  1. I too am a several-time-over drop out of the Fly Lady. I had the same problem as you…too many emails. I have considered going back, but just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I’m checking this out right now….sounds promising and could be my answer as well.
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  2. It’s so nice to hear other people who can’t deal with the FlyLady emails (or who don’t really get the whole shoe thing.) The other thing I have a problem with is all the selling of stuff she puts in her email. I mean, I get you need to have revenue to keep things going, but geez louise… it’s not necessary in every email.

    I’ll definitely look into I Dream of Clean, because it sounds fabulous and the cost right now is so minimal it’s at least worth a try. I’m going to have a crawler in the next few months, so I have to get things clean, and keep them that way.

  3. We have very similar cleaning styles (if you can consider not sticking with anything a style). I’ll try ANYTHING! Totally need to be more consistent in this area. I consider it my continuing ed for my “job.” :).
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  4. Thanks for sharing this, will definitely be giving it a try.


    A fellow fly lady drop-out
    Jen recently posted…Year in Review 2010My Profile

  5. Picked it up to give a try, since I’m a multiple time flyflunkie, then passed the link along to my friends in case any of them might be interested.

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