Chuck E. Cheese. Not Just For Kids Anymore

Disclosure: I was invited to a blogger event at Chuck E Cheese and provided with a gift bag to thank me for attending. I wasn’t required to blog about the event, but I was really impressed with their offerings and wanted to share it with you. 

It is inevitable. If we ask the kids where they want to eat, what they want to do on the weekend or make them guess about an awesome surprise we have planned, nine out of ten times their answer will be Chuck E. Cheese. It is simply a family favorite.

Although if I must confess, not really for me. The crowds, the stimulation and the options of pizza or pizza aren’t really always on the top of my list. But I do love me some skee ball. And I love to treat the kids to something fun every once in a while so we find ourselves back with the mouse a several times a year.

So when I was asked to come check out their more adult menu last week I knew the kids would crown me mom of the year. Rarely do they get to partake in the fun opportunities this blog offers. So I picked them up from school and we headed to Chuck E. Cheese. Even better I invited my sister-in-law and their cousins along to join in the fun (half because she was also husbandless and we need to band together, half because I knew I would be able to sample very little of the menu since I don’t eat gluten).

Well about that gluten thing. Did you know that Chuck E. Cheese has a gluten-free pizza and cupcake on their menu. Not only that but, as they explained to me, they didn’t want to just jump on the gluten-free bandwagon without doing it right. They wanted to make sure kids with serious allergies/celiac could eat their pizza worry free. So it is sent to them sealed with its own pizza cutter to assure no cross contamination. While my gluten intolerance isn’t this severe I really applaud them for taking children’s allergies seriously.

But none of that has anything to do with the new menu that honestly had me drooling. Darn you gluten. Here is a recap:

Chuck E Cheese New Menue

  • New Thin Crust Pizzas: These were actually a big hit with the kids and adults. We mostly do thin crust pizzas as a family so it is what my kids are used to. They went for the boring old cheese. But Beth got to sample the Cali Alfredo and BBQ Chicken. BBQ Chicken was definitely her favorite and it seriously looked like a pizza right out of CPK.
  • Sandwiches and Wraps: We didn’t try all these (because pizza), but they offer a Caesar and club wrap as well as a BBQ chicken ciabatta sandwich. These would be a nice lighter alternative to heavy pizza and looked really tasty.
  • Wings: These were honestly the hit of the day with both the kids and adults. I could not believe my kids were popping the boneless sweet chili wings like they were nuggets despite a little bit of kick. They also offer BBQ boneless and bone-in wings.
  • Breadsticks: Breadsticks make my kids ridiculously happy. We rarely get them when we are out for pizza so they are some sort of bizarre treat. Chuck E Cheese also unveiled a new buffalo chicken cheesy bread which my sister-in-law thought was really good.
  • Dessert: This is the portion of the food sampling where I about threw all the gluten sensitivity stuff out the window. Because churros. With salted caramel sauce. So freaking good. Thankfully my kids ate enough for all of us. These were the hit of the day. They also had some delicious cinnamon sticks that they have improved with a cinnamon crunch topping. We were frankly too busy devouring churros.

I love that Chuck E Cheese’s new menu is a bit more diverse in its new offerings and really has kept the adults in mind. Since many also serve wine and beer it is almost like we don’t even need the kids anymore. Sure people might look at you a little strange as you shove the kids out of the way so you can get a turn at “Deal or No Deal”, but it might make for a rockin’ Saturday night.

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