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easter candy

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays. The good Christian should say it is because it is such an important religious holiday. And as an adult the holiday has definitely taken on richer and deeper meaning. But as a child? As a child, it was all about the candy.

I probably also should not admit that my brother and I asked my mom to still hide candy well into our college years. We didn’t get Easter baskets pre-filled. We got a room full of “hidden” jelly beans and chocolates that we rushed to pick up before the dog found them.

We didn’t even have baskets. We would just grab random bowls from the kitchen cabinets and fill them to the top. We might nibble a few pieces while we searched but oddly enough the most important part of the Easter candy search was the diplomatic sharing process when all was said and done.

Adam, my brother, and I would dump all the candy on the floor and divide it up evenly. Crazy evenly. Like down to the color of the jelly bean or chocolate wrapper even. Any leftovers went to our parents. And occasionally we threw them a few others before we realized they were probably helping themselves as they hid the candy.

Some people think you can’t celebrate both the secular and the religious aspects of a holiday. And to be honest at Christmas time we don’t really do a whole lot with the big guy in red. But I have the best memories of those times with my brother. Then again when chocolate is involved can there be bad memories?

So the Easter bunny still hops over to our house every year. And now I get to be the one sneaking the candy as I hide it. Lily is onto the whole Easter bunny thing (in fact this weekend when we saw an Easter bunny at the mall posing for pictures she said to me, “isn’t that a little over the top- he isn’t even REAL!!”), but the other two are excited to get a little candy. And I am excited to break my “no sugar” rule in a MAJOR way.

For obvious reasons one of my favorite sponsors at Blissdom was Hershey’s for obvious reasons. Mostly because every time I went over there they had free chocolate. But also because they let us pick out our favorites and they are sending us a custom Easter basket.

Truly if I could design one it would just be all Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs. but I decided to fill it with a little bit of something for everyone in the family.

  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg
  • Cadbury Mini Eggs Candy
  • Twizzlers Strawberry Twists Candy
  • Jolly Rancher Sours Bunny Gummies
  • Mini Cadbury Crème Eggs
    Don’t tell but Cadbury Eggs creep me out. Creep. me. out. The only thing that should be allowed inside a chocolate egg is more chocolate. Or of course creamy peanut butter. But my hubby loves them so I sacrificed a spot in the basket for him. That is true love my friends. But if he touches my peanut butter eggs, I will cut him. Just saying.

Hershey’s has lots of great Easter ideas on their website. And they were a sponsor at Blissdom. And they make chocolate peanut butter eggs. So I love them.


  1. Traxis says:

    Thanks for sharing to me some ideas to put on my basket this eater.. :) My favorite chocolate o put on our basket is Yummy Reese! Children will surely gonna love it..
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  2. I love Easter candy :)

    My parents used to hide our baskets, and I would always find my brother’s. and he would always find mine. They were really tricky as we got older (in the space next to the fridge is the most memorable one that I have). Then we would search for the REAL hard-boiled eggs that my parents had hidden.

    With 6 children, we’ve never filled bakets and hidden them; we figured there would be too much arguing about whose basket was whose, and dissappointment over finding someone else’s basket. We’ve given baskets at each child’s spot, and hidden plastic eggs with candy in the garden.

    No Easter bunny has ever been involved.

    I remember the first time (as a teenager) that I visted a family’s house where after church, the older siblings hid eggs for the younger siblings to find in the garden. It was so different than what I had done, but I realized that it worked just fine, and that each family had their own way of doing things for holidays–and that other ways worked fine, too!

    For us, the simlicity of doing it the way I saw another family do it has been just fine!

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