Child Hunger Ends With Me (And You)


I have never known what it is to go hungry. In fact I have the munchies right now (what is it about this time of night?) and I could walk into my kitchen and chose from a bounty of food. My kids had the luxury this evening of complaining about the chili I made and refusing to eat it. Who knew refusing to eat was a luxury?

One in five children in this country suffer from food insecurity. The past few years through our family’s involvement with Kid’s Food Basket this has become very real. Entering into the foster care system has made it even more so. These children are not only possibly in my neighborhood, they are most likely in my home.

Four years ago, ConAgra food started the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign. It has been a very successful part of a growing movement to end child hunger. This year they have the bold goal of donating 3 million meals to their longstanding partner, Feeding America. Then Feeding America works in local communities to bring food to those who need it.

My favorite part of the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign is that ConAgra partners with musicians to help spread the word about their cause. We are a music family and I love that as a mom I can use music to help get my kids excited about the cause. And this year it is even easier to get my kids excited because the Child Hunger Ends Here artists are already some of my kids’ faves!

Meet the Child Hunger Ends Here celebrity ambassadors.

–Carly Rae Jepsen

–Tori Kelly

–Amber Riley

–Cody Simpson

I am a bit out of touch with the tween/teen/young scene but have been assured these artists are the cat’s meow. Okay so I am not THAT out of touch. These artists are the shizzle. Better?

So how can you get involved. The awesome thing is, it is sooo easy to do so:

  • Buy select ConAgra products, look for the pushpin, and enter their unique code over on my sidebar or below. Each code you enter supplies Feeding America with one meal. You can also enter codes on the Child Ends Here website and Facebook page. Codes can be submitted until the end of August.  Don’t worry, I will keep reminding you.

  • While you are entering codes, enter your zip code to submit your local Feeding America food bank into a competition for an 80,000-meal donation. At the end of the campaign, ten food banks in the zip codes with the most entries will receive the additional donation. How amazing for your local community!!!
  • Download original music “Fill a Heart” from the Child Ends Here artists.
  • Take this survey to help ConAgra gauge awareness of their Child Hunger Ends Here
  • Participate in the Twitter party on Thursday, March 14, at 1p ET to learn more about this great inititative! We’ll be using the #ChildHunger hashtag. There will be great prizes so don’t miss it!
  • Follow the #childhunger hashtag throughout the coming months until the end of August. From time to time there will be information posted about how you can further make a difference.

In a few weeks I will be writing a post letting you know what our family is personally doing in our local community to help end child hunger and I encourage you to look for ways your family can participate too. I’ve given you 6 ideas to get started. I would love to hear your ideas too!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Child Hunger Ends Here and The Motherhood. As always all thoughts are my own.

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