Cherry Festival 2011


I wrote this last night before I learned of the terrible tragedy that happened in Grand Rapids while we were gone. Please keep the families and our city in your prayers.

We are on our way home from another successful Cherry Festival a little bit plumper, a tad bit sunburned and a whole lot happier. It is our little slice of heaven every year.

When a team wins the Superbowl they often exclaim, “We’re Going to Disneyland!” In our house it would be “We’re Going To Traverse City!” As I said yesterday, I can’t even completely nail down why, but we just love it here. But it is our family favorite.

Highlights from this year:

  • Tackling the ropes course again with Lily. Holy cow that thing is crazy high in the air, but we forget how insane it is every year and so we try it again.
  • Baking in the sun during the parade. Again every year we question our sanity at sitting out in the sun on the side of the road while floats go by. But it was the perfect end to the trip and I am glad we didn’t skip it.
  • My hubby would say the turkey legs at the fair. He talks about it all year long and as a turkey leg connoisseur swears it is the best in the land. This year he brought home 3 to freeze. We’ll see if they make it past next week.
  • Getting to watch Silas experience the festival for the first time. Yes he went last year but he wasn’t even one. This year he went on his first merry go round, tackled an obstacle course and lit up like a Christmas tree at the parade. He drummed along with the drum line, marched along with the Marines and waved at anyone who would wave back.
  • Watching my kids get excited and supportive for each other. Hannah wasn’t tall enough to ride most of the rides in the midway while Lily finally was. But Lily decided not to go on any that Hannah couldn’t go on so she spent the day going on “kiddie” rides and didn’t complain at all.
  • The cherries! Fresh, dried, juiced and baked in a pie. You just can’t beat Michigan cherries.

Sometimes it is just about the tradition. And about family. And I wouldn’t trade mine for anything in the world.

Where is your family favorite vacation spot?


  1. “A little bit plumper, a tad bit sunburned and a whole lot happier.” That sounds like Cherry Festival alright :)! Great summary of your Cherry Festival vacation Jill! Well written, entertaining and heartfelt. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun. I saw you pinning a ton of cherry recipes on Pinterest the other day, thought maybe you had cherries in your CSA :)

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