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I am spending a few days at one of my favorite places on earth, Traverse City, Michigan. It is an annual summer trip for our family and one we look forward to for months before we go. We come up for Cherry Festival and I am honestly not quite sure what is so special about it. Maybe it is that it is a tradition four years running now. Maybe it is the prospect of piles of freshly picked cherries to consume. Maybe it is the midway rides, rock climbing walls, and go carts. Or maybe it is the fact that we are making fun family memories without a lot of bells and whistles but a whole lot of family fun.

But since I can’t leave without bringing home a bunch of cherries I thought I might share my latest Pinterest finds with you which are all about cherry deliciousness. And I am sure all VERY healthy for you because of the cherry antioxidants and such.

Source: realsimple.com via Jill on Pinterest



And now I am just hungry. Wondering who can deliver cherries at 11pm……….

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  1. Oh yum. Just yum. I {heart} cherries! I can’t imagine a whole festival dedicated in their honor!

  2. We lived in Michigan about 10 years ago and one summer we drove up to the Upper Peninsula and made an extended trip back home. We went and stayed a day in Traverse City and fell in LOVE with it!! We went in June so we got some cherries by roadside stands with the intention of going back for the cherry festival. We never have but every July I think about it. I just bought some cherries at the grocery store today, good, but never the same as those fresh picked and warmed by the sun.

  3. I have never been to Traverse City, but really want to go! And those cherries look so yummy, they look like they would be worth the trip alone :) I *may* be inspired to make a cherry something-or-other this weekend…hmmmm……..

  4. LOVE Traverse City. And cherries.

  5. Gorgeous pics! I might go pick up some cherries today;)

  6. Pretty pictures! I’m not a huge fan of cherries though… idk why. :)

  7. Beautiful pictures! That cupcake looks sooooo good. Chocolate and Cherries. Yum!

  8. We might have to add the cherry festival to our to-do list for a future year!

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